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Stupid punk bitch (Bitch, bitch, bitch) Ho, why is you here? Flo Milli. Scuse Me Lyrics: 'Scuse me bitch / 'Scuse me bitch, 'scuse me bitch / You look sick (Sick) / Why you mad? [Image Description: Flo Milli is lying on top of a car and money is dispersed across the ground. 1. Watch the video for Pockets Bigger from Flo Milli's Ho, Why Is You Here? Related Flo Milli Links Roaring 20s video. If I were a rich man Ya-ba-didda-didda-bibba-bibba-didda-didda-dum Flo Milli Came to Flex ... ‘How she 19 with a coupe and the roof gone?’” she muses on “Pockets Bigger,” a brief track that makes the most … FLO MILLI Roaring 20s Lyrics. for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. W-G-M, W-G-M Bitch, I'm better, it ain't up for debate When you shine how I shine, you get a whole lotta hate You know I'm Flo Milli and if it's a milli on the floor, I need me a broom I'on tell hoes not 'cause hoes tell, I need a key to the room (Bye) I'm 'bout to get married and you already know that Benjamin Franklin the groom (Honey) Yeah, I did the shit and they doubted I'm tryna fly on a private (Ooh) She tryna ride on his privates (Ew) Weak - Flo Milli Lyrics Letra: Intro Flo Milli shit, bitch (J White, I need a beat I can go off on, ooh) Verse 1 Ayy, I'm 'bout ... Flo Milli – Pockets Bigger Pockets Bigger - Flo Milli Lyrics Letra: Intro Haha, Flo Milli shit ho None of you bitches is fuckin' with me Flo Milli … ... Flo Milli. Tamia Monique Carter (born January 9, 2000), known professionally as Flo Milli, is an American rapper and songwriter. Pockets Bigger … Flo Milli shit Make a thirsty nigga wanna chase me (Ooh) Bitch, I'm lit, I wonder can he face me (I'm lit) Only laugh on the way to the bank, see (Hahaha) I want money so fuck you, pay me (Bitch) Ball like a pro and girl, you just a scrimmage Play with these bands, nigga, your money timid (Haha) I'm winnin', on your man mouth like a fitted (Yeah) Top Flo Milli Lyrics Pockets Bigger Send The Addy My Attitude Like That Bitch Not Friendly Eat It Up May I Weak In The Party Pussycat Doll. She is best known for her 2019 singles, "Beef FloMix" and "In The Party" which went viral on social media platforms such as TikTok. Although her content in Ho, Why is You Here isn’t the most innovative or groundbreaking, I’ll bat an eye and celebrate Milli’s big pockets. Flo Milli shit, bitch I like cash and my hair to my ass (I do) Do the dash, can you make it go fast? Flo Milli's "Pockets Bigger" sums up her appeal, with a sense of humor, technical skills and wit to match. Flo Milli wears a long durag with a money design on it.
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