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Itozakura from Shimane Perfecture. V-V Cattle Company combines the three most famous Wagyu breeding strains: Tajima from Hygo Perfecture. Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T ranked #1 for rib eye area, #1 for carcass weight, #2 for back fat, and #8 for marbling in the 2014 National Wagyu Sire Summary with 26 progeny. Phone 515-993-4711 To explain what Tajima is, it is helpful to review the basics of Japanese Wagyu terminology to put everything into context.. First, Wagyu (和牛) is just the Japanese word for "Japanese Cow." ... Kentucky Stud Wagyu, 4063 Dry Creek Road, Elk Horn, KY, 42733, United States 606-787-4589 Studwagyu@gmail.com. All our semen inventory is collected and stored at Hawkeye Breeders in Adel Iowa. 820T has flushed 50 embryos in her last three collections. Our fullblood Wagyu sire is from this superior Michifuku bloodline. This is one of the most influential blood lines in the Wagyu world! She is a very large Tajima. She is a great embryo producer as she has produced up to 28 embryos in one flush. Tajima genetics come from the Hyogo prefecture, they are among the most well-known and widely utilized strains outside of Japan. Contact us for a list of available embryos. Shipping of embryos and semen is the responsibility of the purchaser. Sired by the great Michifuku which was previously the #1 marbeling bull in the United States. Hyogo prefecture is the only area that remains strictly a closed herd in Japan today. Ms Shigemichi 007 is a well balanced group C cow 40% Tajima, 40% Kedaka, 13% Tottori and 6% Itozakura. Also combines Fukutsuru 068, Yasufuku Jr, and Michifuku tajima blood to create an extremely potent marbling combination. He is noted for excellent carcass quality and producing Dams of high IMF genetics. She is also an SCD AA/7 which are very desirable wagyu traits. We offer Wagyu Bull Semen and Wagyu Embryos for sale below. Shidoosha FB4464 Tajima Line. The Australian Wagyu Association calculated the average fullblood Black Wagyu to be 53.6% Tajima in 2020. Yasumi Doi is considered to be one of the leaders of the highest marbling Tajima line with origins in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. There are four breeds of cattle that are native to Japan, and one of these is special for it's genetic-predisposition for creating ultra-fine-grained marbling which has made Japanese beef world-famous. Embryos For Sale Leasing Options Contact ... A 100% Tajima direct son of Yasafuku 930 who was considered by many to be the greatest bull in Japan. Embryos 1st Quality - by Sumo Cattle Michifuku 153 - a top sire from Australia! Tajima Wagyu History Tajima Province (但馬国, Tajima no Kuni) was an old province of Japan in present northern Hyōgo.It is most famous as the birthplace of Kobe beef, known locally as Tajima Beef. Our embryos are $650.00 each, with rare genetics slightly higher. The Dam is Fujiko which is the first full blood born in the US. Isi WG044 is one of my cows with the biggest frame and has with Mazda Wagyu Inoki a very rare sire in the Pedigree - Overflow Katsumi, whose mother is Rikitani, one of the export cows of World K´s! Ms. Shigemichi is also free of all known genetic defects as is the sire in this pedigree. 3-embryos. Fujiko cloning rights sold in 2012 for $26,000. Scroll down to order and CLICK HERE to jump down to Embryos. Semen and embryo shipping information. Trent Bridge C212, is still active in the Trent Bridge Wagyu herd at nine years of age and has produced seven registered Fullblood calves from natural mating and five as an embryo … He has been bred specifically to create progeny's whose F-1 marbling and carcass characteristics are of the highest value. Above photo of J84 in January 2017. J84 is the first wagyu cow we ever purchased. Currently (5) Conventional Embryos Available Call today for pricing 402-710-0362. MS SANJIROU 820T by TBR ITOSHIGEFUKU 9059W. Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T is a large framed Tajima bull and his progeny show excellent carcass traits plus growth performance. Kedaka from Tottori Perfecture. 820T’S sire is Sanjirou a Tajima very high marbling stud. It is widely said that Michifuku of the Tajima bloodline is thought to be the best carcass bull ever to leave Japan. She was selected in 2011 from Ultimate Kobe Beef out of 200 heifers. She weighs around 1400 lbs today.
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