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I love my SSCP 24 and wouldn't trade it because it is always a livelier sail than the more traditiona boats, and I love the high performance potential. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using a gennaker from the top of the mast except in the lightest of breezes. Beneteau First 20 Review from From our point of view, Beneteau’s new First 20 is a breath of fresh air to hit the “entry-level” sailboat market. I personally don't know! It is not a lazy Sunday afternoon cruise except in light wind. A good one is much cheaper than the Bene 24 or Colgate. The First 28 is a 28’2” (8.6m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Groupe Finot (France). No accommodation so they can stay in the hotel. And to weather in bigger waves, you have to pick your way through the waves. A joy to sail, whether for a great weekend cruise or round the buoy racing, this boat was built for speed and will out-perform any boat in its class. Price Beneteau Barracuda 7 in the 2Yachts catalog from 38 900€ to France. I’m not sure how price stacks up but the Bente 24 is another boat that might fit the bill. You can also tie a Simrad tiller pilot for around $500. My advice - learn to sail on a beater boat until comfortable with something performance, then if those are the 2 choices? I would think that the Bene would be challenging for newbies to learn on. Marine Servicenter - Seattle Seattle, WA, US. They are learning but plan to race and travel with the boat alot in the future. Race or cruise, this boat can do both. It is set up to be simple for beginners, but challenging to old timers. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Beneteau first 26 boat for sale. I like that the sail area is scaleable. With a Colgate, they presumably will be racing against lots of other Colgate’s and friends? There are thousands of them to race with. Isn't a gennaker like a Code Zero with upwind sailing angles possible? A lot of the guys have. By. Fort Myers and South Seas Resort had plenty of water; just stay inside the lines. The Seascapes would be wonderful on the Bay which usually has light air. After Beneteau purchased the boats, they repriced them, lower. But I did not know it until we pulled out on the hoist. I used a Ronstan traveler that is designed to carry the load at deck level across six feet with no intermediate support points. The French firm Beneteau was formed in 1884 as a builder of wooden fishing boats and switched to building fiberglass recreational vessels in 1964. The equation incorporates SA/Disp (100% fore triangle) and Disp/length ratios to create a guide to probable boat performance vs. other boats of comparable size. S# first appeared (that we know of) in TellTales, April 1988, “On a Scale of One to Ten” by A.P. The current owner bought this boat because of the pristine immaculate condition that it is in. The Seascape 14/18/24/27 are very popular in Europe but hard to come by in the US. So given, the info on the boats and the couple, which boat do you think could do the following better? You are ok going up most rivers even if you draw 6 or 7 feet, then you can always fully retract the kill to motor to or close to shore and even though it’s not recommended by the manufacturer (liability), I am pretty sure that when in a bind, you can sail in light winds with the keel 1/3 up. looking at the others now. They have quite flat and wide aft sections which make planing easier, and also give them relatively great stability for a light boat, just sitting at the dock, and when sailing. She is available in either sterndrive or outboard versions, and her interior boasts some creative thinking on the part of the design team. Interesting thought that wings are faster if you don't know they are there! Boat Reviews. Let's go small and look at a trailerable boat. I am still a bit confused how best is this sail used. The 24 draws around 6'7" keel down so I would consider getting the short keel version that will get you up into the shallower waters of the river entrances and bays. Bigger sails. The Jennaker that comes with the boat can be sailed a little bit closer than ninety degrees to the wind. ... Beneteau First 53 review: This French cruiser backs up its bold first impressions ... 26.5 . April 11, 2015. Shame about the club foot but its an established success. B&G has speed, depth and wireless package that combined to their Vulcan 7 plotter will add great navigation data for around 2K. Can't go wrong with either. For boats of the same length, generally the higher the S#, the lower the PHRF. Ha Ha. I'm looking to sea trial a First/SS 24 in the next few weeks as, apart from rating, it ticks all boxes. Pick the right yacht (e.g. It's wonderful. But this is written to try to give a balanced view ... what you get, and what you give up. Stepping aboard I rushed down below whilst Tim was taking off the tarp from the boom and prepared the boat. BENETEAU’s GT 36 is part of its Gran Turismo lineup that spans five boats from 36’ – 50’ (10.97 m – 15.24 m). So when we poked around with our open centerboard trunk and our training sails, we looked worse than we actually were based on PHRF. FIRST 26: ENJOYING THE SEA WITH THE FAMILY. One has a lifting keel, is lighter = much easier to travel with. As for resale value, it was kind of fun selling new Com-Pac Sun Cats in the early 2000's because there was basically no such thing as a used one. Not so fun. kind of a step up from the other two boats...   looks like a nice choice, Class web site says headroom in a 7.9 is 5’5”. Just a few more: C&C 25 mk V, Laser 28, S2 7.9, Catalina Capri. Beneteau. Mast-up is nice if you can get it but rare and comes with a waiting list in this part of the world. When Beneteau took over the Slovenian brand 2 years ago I was among the first to applaud this strategic coup and quickly found myself aboard one of these – read my article on the First 27 here. For those who don't know, I worked at a Precision dealership. Don't want to throw them to the wolves. Alot of lake sailing is in quite light conditions. WTF? God i hate the colgate 26. beneteau first 35 review, Check out this New 2020 Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 for sale in Norwalk, CT. Good luck. Fun to sail, competitive in PHRF  one design regattas, easy to trail and rig, save the $ for the second boat. The's a jennaker that's large, and a Code 5 that's much smaller; these sails roller furl...There are also two jib sizes. Published: November 23, 2015. My videos were taken in an area that has the wind, but not the waves. It will be a bitch if they can’t handle it well enough. Home | Boats for sale - Search | Boat Archive | I.T Services | Boat Art | News and Articles | RSS. It would be worth checking if the smaller one on a furler meets the 75% mid girth measurement to measure as a spinnaker. Plus $45k for a Colgate??? We frequently race in 20+ kts though, so having a more powerful way of de-powering the main would be useful. I put the traveler on the stern right in front of the rig they provided so the load will be at the same location of the boom. Links | F.A.Q. Watching your upwind video it looks like the jib luff is quite a long way to leeward, and the main is doing very little (possibly also due to having little weight on the rail). USNA has a fleet of them for training new plebes how to sail. Spare main, furling head sail. Where are there weekend PHRF regattas in NC, SC, GA,TN or VA they can travel to outside of Charleston Race Week? There was a full, forward-facing chart table and an effective galley. Hi: My boat is Green Magic, a SSCP 24, located on  the North Shore of Oahu,  Hawaii. How high you could sail depends on wind strength, how many crew on board, sea state, tide etc. Beneteau Bike: First Look Video. The Colgate 26 was built to be a sail trainer and take a lot of abuse. Is that just a smaller code zero for beam or broad reaching when the wind is blowing too much for the Code zero or is that a flatter, smaller sail for beam or upwind reaching in light air when the boat small jib isn’t enough (sorry if that’s confusing, I am no sail expert...). October 7, 2015 . Guess my typing and proof reading need some improvement. Beneteau First Class 7.5. Beneteau’s marketing material describes the boat as being built for “spontaneous day-cruising,” but it’s clear there is enough performance in this design for the boat to get in some fun and exciting club racing as well. I also posted a companion upwind video also on vimeo. The former channel had shoaled up. If they stick to sailing, likely they will end up selling either boat 5 or 6 years down the road for a bigger, different boat. They do it because they sail in Fort Myers, where Offshore is located. I’d always rather buy a boat I could grow into over one that’s easy to sail at first. I received my Seascape 24 in March, named, Green Magic. The damn thing is a heavy under canvassed pig that responds like a drunk raccoon hopped up on horse sedatives. I have added a traveler to mine, and I've been corresponding with the company and in the off season they may be designing a running backstay rig. Standing rigging in good order. Got Sonars instead. Twitter. Lenny Rudow. The Bene 24 looks like a downwind bias boat that wants to stretch its legs a bit. But that all changed in recent years with the advent of modern materials that make much lighter planing and foiling boats possible. Beneteau First 29 By Benéteau standards this model had a long production run, beginning in 1983 and ending in 1989, during which period 520 hit the water. If money is no object, go for the Bene. Bénéteau First 26 (sailboat) for sale. BTW the jib in the videos is the number 2. Boat Reviews. One of my concerns is depowering the main upwind in a blow, and maintaining a bit of forestay tension so you can point reasonably well. Many used boats are waiting here for its buyer (eg. It has 4 'berths", but zero ventilation (other than the hatch) and no amenities. They would like a boat that can do the following, Race, Booze Cruise, poke around Lake Norman, NC. Group Finot updated its entry-level trailer-sailer for Bénéteau, the First 210, in 1998. The rig comes setup for two reefs. Beneteau First 25 S (2013-Beneteau First 26. In contrast, the seascape boats are much lighter with much faster sail area/weight and length/weight  ratios. Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. Brooks . Yanmar 10hp diesel. Colgates are an intermittent market at best. Wing keel Colgate 26 was actually pretty quick on free legs. Or act as a seller and sell your boat. Raced one in the St. Pete NOOD one year, five Colgates. Where you are, I think seaworthiness is always going to be an issue. Sailing out there was much shouting from the other instructors. The Vicsail Beneteau people suggest the First 27.7 may perhaps be a keen sailor”s second keeler, the step up for the J24 owner, or the skiff sailor who wants to move on. Boat Reviews and Walkthroughs; Neil Pryde Sails. Designed to replace the fixed fin keel First 265, which had been gradually modified over the years from the original First 26 of 1984, the 260 was part of a new vanguard of high performance French cruiser/racers with lifting keels as standard. A couple of items:   The terms are used a little bit loosely. To start with, the First 27 is not a new boat to me. Beneteau first 26 boat for sale. I came in second with the only wing version. The Seascape/Bene is a really nice boat. Eventually, they'd like to sail CRW, and head to a few other regattas throughout the year, maybe down to Miami too. Finot and BENETEAU focus on space, favouring privacy. My parents moved there in the 90's and Punta Gorda had a Precision dealership that had escaped my notice. Went back after 13 years at St. Pete Yacht Club. Beneteau Flyer 7 Video: First Look. Very cool boat. You know, in Bradenton? : A Ballast/Displacement ratio of 40 or more translates into a stiffer, more powerful boat that will be better able to stand up to the wind. sailboat Bénéteau First 26). Beneteau First 30 (2011-2015) MYS Beneteau First 30 Page; Beneteau 300. When I get into more extreme conditions with my Go Pro,  I will post it. Boat Reviews. Beneteau First 211 – a boat aimed at the young family moving up from a dinghy. The new Beneteau First 25 S is lighter, wider, and better sailing than the original. They first started building sailboats in 1972 and today claim to be the largest boatbuilder in the world. Bubble, bubble, said the exhaust of the boss' truck when that thing finally came free. Absolute quick stop. and, well, its heavy. In fact, sailing high to weather, the main sheet would play a major role in keeping the headstay tight. The equation incorporates SA/Disp (100% fore triangle) and Disp/length ratios to create a guide to probable boat performance vs. other boats of comparable size. This kid has a cool First 18 video on the Seascape Facebook Page. As the first owner of your new Beneteau, your warranty only becomes valid upon receipt, by Beneteau, of the completed and signed warranty form. The Bene F24 would be more fun to sail. The Beneteau First Class 10 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of solid fiberglass, with the deck made from balsa-cored fiberglass, with teak wooden trim. ", Personally I would look for a used Beneteau 235 that's been updated with the usual mods..    full head,  plenty of room down below and perfect for lake norman , plus you could pick a nice one for around  $9K. Sailed the Colgate 26 working for Offshore Sailing School. The boat specs sheet doesn’t even mention the sail area for the Code 5. According to the designer Sam Manuard, the boat has been designed for up and downwind racing, whereas the Seascape 27 was designed more for reaching. Jean-Marie FINOT designs an 8.20-metre vessel with a real aft cabin and a separate fore cabin. 2019 Beneteau Flyer 8 SpaceDeck … If it's not, I'd rather have more cockpit. and the RS21,   I don't think there'd be much fun poking around Lake Norman in it.. Will they stay conservative? You can find the sail types  at the North site:  Knowing now what I do, the gennaker that comes with the boat is a kind of all purpose reacher with a wire luff for roller furling. fast is fun. Resale value would be safer with a Colgate, seems a lot cheaper and less depreciation, unless they win a lot of races in the Beneteau. The contrast is even greater in planing least 12 to 15, but less in light winds when they do not plane. There are a couple of really good videos of the seascape 27 (look for "Seascape Ride"} but none, except  mine for the Seascape 24. First 24 will be easier to trailer/launch, but if there is a hoist at their club, certainly the C-26 can be trailered too. By. So for a while, I'd guess that selling a used First 24 would be easier than selling a used Colgate because you're not up against nice older boats. Put more hours and more abuse in a month than an owner may in a lifetime. I'm still tempted for family sailing, so huge thanks for all of the info being posted. But I think that it would broach and roll in 12' waves. Zuzana Prochazka. Images, motor, 8,2 length of Beneteau First 26 in Beneteau 281. The Beneteau First 265 . Beneteau Gran Turismo 35: Video Boat Review . The tarriff was about $1400 which was actually covered in the purchase price. | Contact Us *** *** THIS BENETEAU FIRST 26 IS NOT FOR SALE *** *** PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR BOATS FOR SALE. It has a deck-stepped mast with aluminum spars, a masthead sloop rig, a raked stem , a slightly reverse transom , a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a fixed fin keel or, optionally, a stub keel and centreboard . Yacht TV. Once I received the boat I was happy I had paid it. The PH rating is likely to come out at about 102. Inside the Beneteau First 27 a.k.a Seascape 27. I don't think it is strong enough to carry a mast top gennaker in very much wind. They would like a boat that can do the following, Race, Booze Cruise, poke around Lake Norman, NC. Terrific daysailer--responsive, easy to rig, can be singlehanded, room in the safe, deep cockpit for everyone. It’s true that the Chesapeake has shallow waters but this is mainly around shores and points. Also, the boat will be kept on a lift at … The main difference between our S2 7.9's and the boats discussed above is that. Beneteau First 53 review: This French cruiser backs up its bold first impressions. Galeon 560 Skydeck: First … USED BOAT TEST:Jake Frith took a lifting keel First 260 Spirit from 1996 for a whizz round Chichester Harbour in winds gusting up to 30kn to see how she would look after her crew in a blow. BTW one option you should select is the stern steering cover. I've been to the factory many times to fetch new boats. Travel? In this range one of the more interesting boats to come around lately, to me at least, would be the RS 21. I like that it's a loose cannon who brings up boats with training wheels. A plus was the rudder. They got on one side hanging from the shroud. But after fixing the masthead the boat did not come up unless two guys got up on the keel. Anyone that would be seriously considering buying a brand new Colgate 26 for private use doesn't know enough about boats to be buying one. Large selection of options and best price offers on Beneteau First 20 from the owner of the vessel. Retractable keel makes for easy launch/haul. Also in Europe Seascape has put in a huge effort to organize Seascape Classes in many regattas so that the boats are sailing with the simplified rig, but everyone using the same rig so it's ok for racing. Better options than that boat for any purpose. Beneteau first 25 for sale. So while I totally agree the First 24 will be quicker, I'm not sure I agree the Colgate is slow or under-canvassed. I think when I have a trained crew we could carry that A-5 (the gold sail) in 25 knots of wind and keep the boat moving steadily about 20 knots... Will be very interesting to do a sea trial. Could Mike Pompeo find it on a map? that a little better? Looks like a great boat, available used, so a lot less expensive, and  especially a great choice for a person in an area where there is an active fleet of similar boats of racing is one of your goals. And also have the ability to banish the main trimmer to the back of the boat. But they sound like a conservative couple, so, they should go with the Colgate, as much as my heart screams Beneteau (for me).... PS: Get a good second hand one and avoid the depreciation..... nice little boat , but   " This is not a cruising boat, but there are accommodations. That foot of draft costs many square miles of fun water. In other words, two minutes a mile faster, off the wind. The vessel is de-rigged and in storage ashore. There is a pronounced chine running along the topsides just north of the waterline, plus a short fixed sprit on a plumb bow. But then of course you can't use a furling wire luff. Nice people and a long time in the business. The specs say otherwise, so I'm sure I'm unnecessarily concerned! All us coaches wanted J-22s when SPYC were shopping for 10 club boats. I would think that 24s would still be built in Slovenia after the Beneteau bought them. So getting the boat with the one asym that comes with it, and getting some experience with it before getting other sails, is probably a good idea. All three boats are designed and built to provide superior performance, comfortable accommodations, and to be raced (either handicapped or as a one-design). I am glad you showed the Code 5 underway.
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