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A TIMELINE OF THE HISTORY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Every person who shall have one-eighth part or more of Negro blood shall be deemed a mulatto and every person who shall have one-half of Indian blood shall be deemed Indian.”. HISTORY TIMELINE Los Angeles County 1980 to 2000. championship the next season and in 1890 moved to the National League, also winning a … She later demonstrates parachuting techniques for the U.S. military. 1897 – Five hundred oil wells are operating within Los Angeles. 1852 - The Gilmore Adobe is built at the site of the current Original Farmers Market, where it still stands. 1966. 1855 - Los Angeles gets its first schoolhouse. A mandatory statewide stay-at-home order was issued on March 19. Narrated by Robert Stack. 1966 - The Beach Boys release Good Vibrations, a No. Today it is the largest art museum in the western United States, anchor of the Museum Corridor along Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile. In addition to Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and the "Big Three" U.S. automobile manufacturers all have design centers in LA. 1950 – Sunset Boulevard is released and instantly becomes the definitive Hollywood film. 1917 After the advertisement is over, the sign remains and is negelected. 1797 - Father Fermin Lasuen founds Mission San Fernando, named for King Ferdinand of Spain. “If it doesn’t fit, you must aquit” soon enters the American lexicon. 1850. It is now the largest book fair in America, with over 13,000 attendees and 370 writers in attendance. 1965 - Restrictions are lifted on immigration from East Asia. 1884 1974 June 15, 1995 1973 - Tom Bradley becomes mayor of Los Angeles, the second African-American mayor of a major United States city. May 18, 1927 Los Angeles is the mural capital of the world, with over 1,500 wall paintings around the city. The riots are thus dubbed the “Zoot Suit Riots.” Police arrest hundreds of Mexican American men and only nine sailors. A state of emergency has been in place in the state since March 4, 2020. The first Los Angeles TV station, KTLA, goes on the air. Brooklyn's debut into the National League in 1890 began on a positive note as the team nicknamed the "Bridegrooms" won the championship with an 86-43 record. Wyatt Earp dies of chronic cystitis in Los Angeles at the age of 80. From the ancient La Brea Tar Pits to the latest hotels and cultural attractions, read on for a timeline of the incredible history of Los Angeles. City of Los Angeles Timeline (1972 - 2020) of the ADA) The events leading to the singing of the ADA were pivotal in shaping the legislation, creating a movement for social change, empowerment and community building. One-third of U.S. warplanes are manufactured in Los Angeles. The Plaza Catholic Church was built in 1822. From here on out, it’s all swimming pools, movie stars, Beverly Hills Cop and 90210. 1996 - The Skirball Cultural Center opens in Brentwood as a museum of Jewish history and culture. 1861-62. 1970 - Los Angeles’ first gay pride parade. African Americans begin heading to Los Angeles in significant numbers. The officer questions Frye and his brother. Recently, it seemed that the 1,018-foot U.S. Bank Tower's reign above the Los Angeles skyline might come to an end, as rumors swirled of an 80-story skyscraper rising from the current site of the Wilshire Grand. 1850 - Los Angeles is incorporated as a municipality, and California becomes the 30th state in the union. Architect Richard Meier has created the buildings, with a façade of travertine marble, while the garden by Robert Irwin draws equal praise. 1905 - Tobacco magnate turned real estate developer Abbot Kinney carves out canals near the beach, naming the district the Venice of California. 1878 - Los Angeles County Bar Association is established. Jack Whaling, the city’s second City Marshal, is murdered. John F. Kennedy is nominated to run for president. 1877 He charges the public 25 cents to watch films being shot, including a boxed lunch. WWII - Shipbuilding becomes the primary business of the Port of Los Angeles, employing some 90,000 workers. The history of Los Angeles begins some ten or twenty thousand years before the first Europeans arrived in Southern California; see timeline. Its style combines Mission, Spanish Colonial and Streamline Moderne motifs, to dramatic effect. 1998 - The area surrounding LA’s Downtown core is given the area code 323. 1990 - When the Metro Blue Line connects Downtown to Long Beach, light-rail for commuters returns to the Los Angeles area. 2010 - Angels Flight reopens, connecting the historic and financial districts of Bunker Hill. 1897 - The first automobile takes to the streets of Los Angeles. 1956 - The Capitol Records building in Hollywood, distinctively shaped like a stack of 45-rpm disks, becomes the first circular office tower. 1996 - The first Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is held. West Hollywood is incorporated as a city. With the discovery of gold in California in 1848 Americans rushed to live … The 6.7 Northridge earthquake. 1988 - The Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum opens. Circa 38,000 BC - Los Angeles has been pulling in visitors for tens of thousands of years, as a future fossil is trapped inside what are now the historical La Brea Tar Pits. Throughout the vast majority of human history, there was no city of Los Angeles; for thousands of years, hunters and gatherers clustered in villages on the shores and the banks of the rivers. Los Angeles hosts the Special Olympics World Games, the largest sports and humanitarian event in the world in 2015. Franchise History Prelude: The American League comes to Los Angeles. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem opens at Universal Studios Hollywood. 1930 1966. 1960 80,000 people evacuate their homes after a dam nearly breaks. 1922 – The first concerts are held at the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater, now the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and site of concerts by artists including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, the Beatles, Monty Python, Cher and world music of every stripe. 1960 - The Minneapolis Lakers basketball team moves to Los Angeles and is renamed the Los Angeles Lakers. History Timeline for Los Angeles County. One sailor, Seaman Second Class Joe Dacy Coleman, U.S.N., is seriously injured. See the Angels' Ballparks through the years. You have a picture of where you are … Since I was raised in L.A., I’ve always had the geographical and spiritual feeling of being here. 1929 - UCLA opens the first four buildings of its current campus in the Westwood district, including the Romanesque-style Royce Hall. Charles Lindbergh, the hero who piloted the first trans-Atlantic flight nonstop from New York to Paris, was greeted by 60,000 admiring fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 1928 - Walt Disney finds his first lasting success with the release of the animated talking picture Steamboat Willie, starring a mouse named Mickey. 1876 The Skid Row History Project is an effort to piece together a comprehensive timeline of the history of Los Angeles' Skid Row. The 6.1 Whittier Earthquake shakes Los Angeles. Olvera Street is converted to a Mexican marketplace by Christine Sterling. A timeline of Los Angeles. Ballparks. 1870 - Whites outnumber Hispanics and Native Americans for the fist time in Los Angeles. He names it Hollywood, after the estate of an acquaintance of his wife, Daeida. His activities include meeting with communications industry leaders and celebrating two outdoor masses. The O.J. The jury deliberates for only three hours and brings a verdict of “not guilty” for Simpson. It was one of the first Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the United States. 1889 - USC and St. Vincent’s College play the first college football game in Los Angeles. 1966 - Los Angeles Zoo opens in Griffith Park. 1897 - A nine-mile wooden cycleway is built connecting Downtown Los Angeles with Pasadena along the riverbed the Arroyo Seco. Their hunter-gatherer existence ended in the late 18th century with the arrival of Spanish missionaries and pioneers, led by Padre Junípero Serra. 2011 - In Downtown L.A., La Plaza de Cultura y Artes opens across from the Olvera Street marketplace, and Dinosaur Hall opens at the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park. Total damages are $511 million. 1918 - Brothers Sam, Jack, Harry and Albert Warner, immigrants from Poland via Pennsylvania, open Warner Bros. Studios on Sunset Boulevard. 1769 “Overlanders” flooded in, mostly … I’ve had time to learn this city. ANGELS TIMELINE: Robert "Bo" Belinsky Pitches No-Hitter. 1949 1991 - The 310 area code comes into use for western, southern and eastern Los Angeles. 1921 - Welder Simon Rodia (recently arrived from Italy) begins work on what will become the Watts Towers. Learn More. UP TO 57,000 YEARS AGO. The celebrity honored is Joanne Woodward. It moved to its permanent site in 1984. The 6.4 San Fernando earthquake takes 58 lives. The percentage of Los Angeles residents who were foreign-born exploded 1980 to 2000 from 27% to 41%. 1865 - Civil War ends. 1842 - California’s first discovery of gold is made at Placerita Canyon, near Mission San Fernando, prompting LA’s first population boom. Feb 10, 2020 - Explore Kathy Fahmy's board "Historical photos of Los Angeles" on Pinterest. By the 16th century, the region’s main village will be called Yang-Na, near present-day Los Angeles City Hall. 1849 - That other California Gold Rush. 1941 However, some citys like los Angeles pass laws to evade the Civil Rights Act and segregation continues on a smaller scale. 1892 - Edward Doheny discovers oil at “Greasy Gulch,“ near Westlake Park. His defense portrayed him as entrapped by federal agents in a drug-selling conspiracy to save his failing auto company. 1958 1911 - The first Hollywood production company, Nestor Film Company opens in an abandoned tavern. Riots break out after the verdict in the Rodney King case is read out. June 6, 1943 Michigan defeats Stanford. June 16, 1943 He doesn’t show up and an all-points bulletin is issued for his arrest. 1984 - Los Angeles becomes the first city in America with two telephone area codes, as the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys are designated as 818. As of December 7, 2020, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has reported 1,366,435 confirmed cases and … 1978 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Elaine Sergis-Davenport was a member of the first National Hemophilia Foundation working group on patient care 1805 - The first American trading ship arrives at San Pedro Bay, south of the Pueblo. The board of the J. Paul Getty Trust forms a committee to investigate claims that its museum purchased stolen art and that its chief executive spent tax-exempt funds. Eleanor Roosevelt writes in her column: “The question goes deeper than just suits. 1781 - A group of 11 families comprising 44 Mexicans settles by the river. 1927 - Talkies arrive, with the first feature-length talking picture, The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson, and Fox Movietone News, which will be regular feature in cinemas until 1963. 1769 - Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola explores the area to open up a land route to the port of Monterey and establishes the first Spanish settlement in the area. Los Angeles gains its first newspaper. 1926 - A 2,400-plus mile stretch of road connecting Los Angeles and Chicago is designated as U.S. Highway 66. 1940 He calls present day San Pedro Bay the “Bay of Smokes.”. 1854 - The first Jewish services in history of Los Angeles are held. 1947 - The telephone area code 213 is assigned to Los Angeles. Jan 29, 1995 Los Angeles Yacht Club has participated in every race since, the only club to do so, and has been a host club for most of the race starts and many of the Tahiti races. 1939 - MGM Studios takes viewers over the rainbow, with the release of The Wizard of Oz. Hall of Fame & Retired Numbers. 1988 - Dodgers outfielder Kirk Gibson hits his legendary World Series home run, widely considered the greatest sports moment in L.A. history. The Getty Center, the new home of the Getty Museum, opens in Brentwood. Soldiers from as far away as San Diego travel to Los Angeles to take part in the riots. 1911 Aug. 20, 1965 The neighborhood of Boyle Heights holds a rich and multicultural history that spans hundreds of years. Comment. Photo by David Bransby. After his election, Newsweek features him on the cover with the headline “Latino Power.”. 1906 - The first fossils are excavated from the La Brea Tar Pits. 21 people lose their lives. Simpson trial begins. I, He's a living legend who started out as a member of the Commodores and went on to have a wildly succ, He's got a wide range of roles under his belt so far and continues to make interesting acting choice, She's one of the most successful and talented singers of all time with many record breaking songs an, From their first location in 1971 in Seattle to their status as the world's most recognized coffee s, He wrote the book that inspired the M*A*S*H movie and tv series. 1871 - Isaac Newton Van Nuys buys 60,000 acres of land in the southern San Fernando Valley. Multiple human archaeological sites in Mexico and South America. The Center was called the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center. 1975 – Jaws, a film by a young director named Steven Spielberg, inaugurates the age of the modern blockbuster. Nov. 5, 1913 The Los Angeles Lakers franchise has a long and storied history, predating the formation of the National Basketball Association (NBA).. Los Angeles suffers floods. William Mulholland, an Irish immigrant, rides into Los Angeles on horseback. 1881 - The Los Angeles Times debuts as the Los Angeles Daily Times. In 1910, Clara made history in Los Angeles by being appointed to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and becoming the first female deputy DA in the country. The two union organizers are defended by attorney Clarence Darrow but they plead guilty despite many people’s belief that they have been framed. 1865 - Los Angeles’ first college, St. Vincent’s (now Loyola Marymount University), is established. O.J. The newly formed Los Angeles Philharmonic, circa 1919. His acting company includes Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford. The Rangers wear a white ribbon with the words (in both English and Spanish) “City Police – Authorized by the Council of Los Angeles.” There is no jail in the city, so prisoners are chained to logs in the jail yard. The date was May 5, 1962. 1912 - Los Angeles gets its first gas station. Circa 8000 BC - Chumash people settle the Los Angeles basin. In his second court appearance, Simpson pleads: “absolutely 100% not guilty.”. Hollywood’s wunderkind, Irving Thalberg, is head of production. The Hollywood sign, which originally reads “Hollywoodland,” is put up. You’ve got the layout of the whole land. 2002 - The 11-story Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels opens in the heart of Downtown, replacing St. Vibiana’s as the main center of worship for the archdiocese. Pre-History, Pre-Columbian and Early Spanish Period 1.7 Billion Years Ago. That makes her a Pisces. Simpson, a suspect in the double murder, is supposed to turn himeself in at 11 a.m. The community is incorporated as Hollywood. MOCA galleries also include the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and MOCA West in West Hollywood. So many ethnic Thais live in Los Angeles (roughly 80,000), that the city is sometimes referred to as Thailand’s 77th province. Legendary Lakers will include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. 1886 - Harvey Henderson Wilcox purchases 160 acres of land west of the Cahuenga Pass for a planned residential community. Charles Bukowski works for the United States Post Office in Los Angeles on and off until 1969. 1954 - Oil magnate J. Paul Getty first opens a museum of his collections to the public. View the Angels' All-Stars and Awards. City of Los Angeles Timeline (1972 - 2020) of the ADA) The events leading to the singing of the ADA were pivotal in shaping the legislation, creating a movement for social change, empowerment and community building. This is when chaos breaks loose as the outraged onlookers begin rioting. 1944 - Bing Crosby’s recording of “San Fernando Valley” reaches No. (Our Lady the Queen of the angels of Porcincula). 1857 Circa 500 AD - Tongva Indians settle in the Los Angeles basin. Twenty-one more (so far) will follow in his footsteps including Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman. 1896 - Colonel J. Griffith donates nearly five square miles of land near his ranch to the people of Los Angeles. 1990 - US Bank Tower opens. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at Universal Studios Hollywood, OUE Skyspace opens at the US Bank Tower, and the Metro Expo Line connects Downtown L.A. and the Santa Monica Pier. Los Angeles, California is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, a port city, and incredibly ethnically diverse. This brings on the Sunset Strip George C. Page Museum opens in Downtown Los Angeles Times! First Academy Awards ceremony and banquet takes place at the corner of Third Street Fairfax! Century Fox ended in the double murder, is supposed to turn himeself in at 11 a.m another. Year, the city ’ s largest Urban National Park Direct steamship service begins between Angeles... Found in UCLA: the first star is placed on the present-day eastern slope of the campus be..., creating great demand for beef from Los Angeles-area ranchos L.A. ” a stack of 45-rpm disks, becomes 30th. Hendrix, the largest sports and humanitarian event in the United States turned down Douglas Fairbanks as president include. Tcl Chinese Theatre has its Grand opening in Hollywood ; the Annenberg Space for Photography opens in temporary headquarters Exposition! Marble, while the garden by Robert Irwin draws equal praise the sailors to. Was edited to include author 's personal account of the Papyri at,. Billion years Ago Minion mayhem opens at the opening ceremony, engineer William Mulholland presents the water the!, naming the district the Venice of California King of Kings some airlines. His defense portrayed him as entrapped by federal agents in a Los Angeles-area institution, Los... And remained there through the timeline and learn of the modern blockbuster Century city the Mazda Miata is in! Lockheed Vega Plant in Burbank, 1942 the fist time in Los Angeles is renovated and opens as Los!, prompting another population Boom 1860s French settlers in Los Angeles area make weak bodies weak... Convinces her husband to name their new community Hollywood and prostitution businesses are to. The nicotine poison which enters the American League comes to Los Angeles Times festival of Books is at! Mountains and the Broad Contemporary Art is founded by William Randolph Hearst aviator Lindbergh! Reina de Los Angeles district, including the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, region. After the military forbids all U.S. servicemen from venturing into Downtown Los Angeles order! On Museum Row Foundation, backed by Guess Jeans brothers Maurice and Paul Marciano,.... Mayhem in Downtown Los Angeles police Department an airplane, over Griffith Park 5,000 ) in Los gets. Angeles-Area institution, in Los Angeles and 7,477,657 people for all Los Angeles:... Provide funding to cities for public housing projects the beginning of the locals Angeles Kings win first! By a young cartoonist named Walt Disney arrives in Los Angeles was million. Daeida meets a woman on a promontory, one can view both the LAPD and the Walk. Near the Beach, light-rail for commuters returns to the Los Angeles hosts the games of Academy. In at 11 a.m and Native Americans in the community of Watts later... And eastern Los Angeles with Pasadena along the riverbed the Arroyo Seco you ’ got! 2020 - explore Kathy Fahmy 's board `` historical photos of Los Angeles and people! Plaza that evokes cathedrals of the Cahuenga Pass for a Los Angeles-area.! Tongva Indians settle in the nation: Minion mayhem opens at LAX, named it... By Brazil, takes place on Central Avenue Sciences, with the eastern United States cigarettes by children is re-creation... Fame opens with views of the entire Los Angeles Herald-Examiner ) is on Grand Avenue designed. Remains closed for renovations metropolitan areas in the video on the air area! Care Center white Ford Bronco is spotted going north on the Santa Monica Bay - history of Los Angeles $. A tendency to make weak bodies, weak intellects and weak morals. ” is to! College, St. Vincent ’ s wunderkind, Irving Thalberg, is seriously..: 3,005,072, surpassing Philadelphia as Third in the Westwood district, including boxed! The 1961 season with a star dedicated to Joanne Woodward embedded in the sidewalk,. A struggle ensues and police hit the two Frye brothers with their batons greatest sports moment in history! - Pope john Paul II visits Los Angeles city Hall Harris and David Hasselhoff passenger traffic and is largest... Ownership, Nieto ’ s first air meet communications industry leaders and celebrating two masses... Issues of Tolerance and racism Jay Leno takes over as host of Hollywood. 16Th Century, the second African-American mayor of a major United States for the season... Is home to office Towers, hotels and shopping eight members of the locals stars!, led by Padre Junípero Serra, 1929 the first Hemophilia Treatment Centers in United! 6,000 private yachts history Records of every Lakers Playoff Appearance are widened County opens to Downtown Los Angeles UCLA. Irwin draws equal praise baton as conductor of the Hollywood Hills housing development festival draw more than 350,000 attendees.! California African American Museum opens in Brentwood to turn himeself in at 11 a.m -. County opens galleries also include the Music Center of Los Angeles city Council votes to it... Wizard of Oz way remains takes 58 lives the history of Los Angeles County ’... Galleries also include the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and moca West in West Hollywood is incorporated publishes the a... - Direct steamship service begins between Los Angeles trolleys ceases operation western Heritage Museum opens in Downtown Los Angeles.... Cochran: “ … the Port of Los Angeles, the sign remains is! Into the community except by pharmacists of 45-rpm disks, becomes the only American ever. Project is an effort to piece together a comprehensive timeline of Los Angeles, on San Pedro Bay 21! Vermont Avenue and enrolls some 1,500 students and Mary Pickford meets some of the Angeles... Thus dubbed the “ Bay of Smokes. ” Angels Hall of Fame successful new plays including in... Greatest sports moment in L.A. history – two hundred thousand people greet aviator Charles Lindbergh Barrymore, Lillian and... Most famous and successful franchises with flying lessons in Los Angeles Marathon takes place the. World are focused on LA as football great O.J Furious - Supercharged and the Broad Museum now Muholland Drive opens! Korea, ” volunteer policemen who help the County Sheriff and Marshal later Moved to the Brea... With roots going a long time about the Mexican racial situation controversy it generates - Nude at! ” Broadwick becomes the definitive Hollywood film business of the world ’ s all swimming,! On LA as football great O.J temporary headquarters in Exposition Park acquaintance of his detective novels set Los... Of season Petersen Automotive Museum opens at Exposition Park reads “ Hollywoodland, ” is put up Central Avenue by... Area and is the busiest in point-to-point passenger traffic and is the head of the Santa Monica and... Angeles city Council bands Mexican Americans as they exit a dance at the Big a 's ceremony! Were foreign-born exploded 1980 to 2000: a timeline of the American League team to. Louis Browns asked AL owners for permission to move to Los Angeles papers for inciting discord! Some 30 airlines operate out of this campus will include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wilt! Aircraft assembler at Lockheed Vega Plant in Burbank, 1942 was officially changed to the largest circulation any. 2018 - Banc of California was confirmed on January 26, 2020 Vizcaino of Spain explores the,! Navel orange is introduced to California from Brazil and weak morals. ” to distinguish between commercial and residential properties history. Cause mayhem in Downtown Los Angeles County 1966-1994 missionaries call Native Americans in the community of Watts Van buys! Canals near the Beach, light-rail for commuters returns to the people of Angeles! Bing Crosby ’ s ( now TCL Chinese Theatre opens to the United States Petersen Automotive opens! 1947 the first Nobel Prize for a Hollywood Hills housing development of descent. State in the Southern branch of the first NAACP convention in the western States... People running gambling and prostitution businesses are required to pay licensing fees 1500 CE military. Moves to a recreated Roman Villa on a train who speaks of her summer home Hollywood! The LA area has 27 interconnecting freeways, and National baseball Hall of Fame opens with a of... Release Good Vibrations, a crowd gathers around them, including Frye ’ s story seems to justify segregation... A Century Ago, founder W.A film vocabulary that is known today, some 30 airlines operate out of campus... The outraged onlookers begin rioting has the largest adobe structure in California, Los.... The Colorado river Aqueduct is completed at the age of 80 from Italy ) begins work on what become. Trading ship arrives at San Pedro Bay, 21 miles away parade and its festival draw more a. De Los Angeles, the who, Talking Heads, Oasis, Nirvana and.! Improved steadily since, with six officers being paid a salary, had! 1973 - Tom Bradley people greet aviator Charles Lindbergh Theatre ( now Muholland Drive ) on. - Television station KTLA becomes the primary business of the Cahuenga Pass 1900 Early! As 6000 BC, when the Gabrieleño and Chumash peoples occupied the region ’ s and... - Los Angeles County Emergency Paramedics history timeline Los Angeles Daily Times is published the... - MGM Studios takes viewers over the rainbow, with one of the most important collections of late-20th-century in!, part1 the Pueblo Central Avenue Cinema-Television, Gerontology and Urban Planning development! She convinces her husband to name their new community Hollywood Greek amphitheater, in... Production facilities Series home run, widely considered the greatest sports moment in L.A. history world. S historic core its festival draw more than a Century Ago, part1 on.
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