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Arc Guide [90] As one the Shields, Bloodman, descends onto the battlefield, he is pinned against a tree by multiple iron rods, with Gajeel moving towards the God of Death to return the wrath of the former's actions. Meanwhile on the trails toward Hargeon, Erza's group sets up camp while discussing Laxus' whereabouts. [74], Opposed by his comrade, August wonders what is the meaning of Brandish appearing in front of him, which she tells him she's here to negotiate a ceasefire with him. Wendy takes the lead after shoving Sherria aside, charging at the God empowered by Ultear's spell. Zeref grabs her head to ask her what is the meaning of this, to which Mavis states she has a plan that would be able to free him from his immortality, which Zeref shrugs off as he attempted every possible means to die. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy reach the fleet of marching soldiers; beginning his assault he intends on creating a commotion in order to draw out Zeref. But Mavis tells the others to have faith in her. Worse yet, when Larcade goes back to try and help Zeref against Natsu, he has no problem taking him out, establishing himself as someone who very much would be cruel enough to destroy his own son for not obeying him. The Machias prepares to retaliate, but it swiftly struck again by Laxus, who proclaims he'll take out the perpetrator who attacked his comrades: the Thunder God Tribe. She quickly cuts up Brandish for her actions, using her Âge Seal once again to stomp on Lucy as she will torment the latter for corrupting her comrade's beliefs. What happened to make the dragons disappear? As Draculos (the true name of Hyberion) and the powerful Mages wonder why he has betrayed his homeland, the Shield of Spriggan simply deflects his question. Lucy denies this stating she knows more than the Warrior Queen would, but after explaining her reasoning on the comment Brandish and Evergreen made, everyone notices Natsu's body letting off a cold steam, worrying for what is currently going on with him. Outside the city on the Western Hills, a few Alvarez forces march in by foot from that side headed by Squad members, Kareem and Bakel only to be intercepted by the Dragon Slayers. After playfully removing her bra, she then says she will torment her for ruining Brandish, beginning with gorging out her eyes. The two old men head out to witness the spectacle, but Makarov is shocked to see that the emperor is none other than Zeref himself. Laxus rejects him, while Gray comes to realization it is from the effects of the Magical Barrier Particles he inhaled from a year ago. [89], In the negotiations, Neinhart appears to advise Brandish to step aside so he can destroy their enemies while on his quest to locate Erza has been initiated. In the east, God Serena, without the help of August and Jacob, has defeated his former comrades, stunning the Heavenly Mages of his massive power. [18], Mavis then attends the moment of Makarov's birth in the guild and becomes his godmother. Sting mentally snaps out of it and proceeds to knock everyone out to prevent them from consuming each other. Anna struggles to open the Space Between Time, noticing it's been shut off as Zeref who is the culprit, opens the rift to merge it with the door of the Fairy Tail guild hall, admitting this will lead to a new world. [49], Later, after the operation was performed, Brandish returns to her cell and is confronted and thanked by Lucy and Happy for saving Natsu, only for the Spriggan 12 to mention she wants to be left alone. Zeref, sensing this, states that things are just in the beginning phase. Elsewhere, with the sandstorm dissipating, Lucy and Cana look around for Brandish, who developed a sneezing fit as a result of the kicked-up pollen in the vicinity. In the flashback, Precht has released the child that was in Mavis' womb, dumping him in the middle of nowhere, which the child born of massive Magic Power learned to live on his own until he met Zeref. Natsu and Happy manage to break into her place, and Lucy notes that the townspeople were already evacuated. It sees Fairy Tail attempting to protect Magnolia against the Spriggan 12, but they aren’t entirely successful. Erza, equipping her armor in the process, thanks her for her deed, as she was able to meet her true family through her mother's lost love of her. While there, she also witnesses three of the four Gods of Ishgar, Warrod, Wolfheim and Hyberion, discuss the threat posed by the Alvarez Empire and the defection of Ishgar's top Mage, God Serena, who is now a member of the personal guard of Emperor Spriggan: the Spriggan 12; whose members are on a level equal to his own. [98], As the entire guild lays defeated by the Wizard King, Jellal laments him and the others being disgraced by his opponent, who walks over to step down on him, wondering why someone who used to follow Zeref decided to face him. Irene falls to the ground and Erza looks in disbelief and awe at the event that occurred. Almost on the brink of defeat, Elfman and his group provides a key to defeating the Weakness soldiers; by switching opponents, to which the members take out their respective Weakness soldier, with Freed being able to combine his strengths with Ichiya's to allow the duo to destroy the Shield of Spriggan; all seeding from the announcement of Natsu's reveal. On the battlefield, Gildarts' arm is immobile from his last attack, noticing August has risen from the impact taking little to no damage. Ichiya tries to retaliate by using his Poison Perfume, but it proves futile against the Machias. The knightly Mage is pleased that the Machia didn't destroy the serene town, but Wall contradicts her statement as Magnolia was his target; Dimaria once again reminding him that Brandish is imprisoned at the local. Zeref reveals his identity to Precht before walking away, comparing himself to a polar opposite of what Mavis was, a Spriggan to Mavis' Fairy, before departing to Alakitasia in order to continue running his growing Alvarez Empire, remarking that he shouldn't, or rather couldn't ever fall in love. Warren and Macao discuss Alvarez's next move with Makarov, Elsewhere, Gray thanks Juvia for being by his side, promising her that he will give his answer once the battle is over, focusing himself on taking down both E.N.D. What's more she brought Marin, still in small size, with her. After several episodes of building it up, it turns out Mavis’ plan to defeat this being with infinite magic is to admit to being in love with him, causing the magic within both of them to take each other out. With Fairy Tail's revival accomplished, Mest Gryder reveals the disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar's disbanding of the guild one year ago. Back at Fairy Tail, Zeref promises Mavis that with Neo Eclipse he will defeat Acnologia and make sure the future is safe, while Mavis states she doesn't want the world to be destroyed but falls to the ground. I agree with this. Everyone is fearful for their lives, while Acnologia declares humanity is all over, casting Eternal Flare which decimates parts of the world. With Neinhart knocked down, Natsu turns to Brandish to tell her if they are not comrades he will fight her, but the Dragon Slayer quickly collapses due to Brandish to enlarging his tumor that she previously shrunk down. [93], With Gray in his way, Natsu order the Devil Slayer to move, but the latter refuses, asking to confirm if he truly is E.N.D. After the two exchange multiple blows, Natsu enters his Fire Dragon King Mode, which he declares that this one-time move will be what ends the Black Wizard. Fairy Tail: Drifting Tales (フェアリーテイル・漂語, Fearī Teiru Hyōgatari) is a reimagination of the canon Fairy Tail series written by Hiro Mashima.It consists of the author, Ashy's, personal touches and directions on the story from the completion of the Tartaros Arc … Lucy starts to head out, but hears someone in her bathroom. [73], Meanwhile, Natsu's group continues to travel upon a enlarged Happy, suddenly feeling a massive amount of magical aura, turning out to be coming from the Wizard King himself. Angered, Ajeel unleashes a major sandstorm over the city, causing both the Fairies and Spriggans to be caught up in it. Suddenly, lightning electrocutes the soldiers, revealing it to come from Ichiya's Thunder Perfume, which greatly shocks the Fairy Tail Mages. Next → 100 Years Quest arc I binged the earlier arcs when I started Fairy Tail, so when I got to this arc, I started the weekly reading. The Alvarez Empire is a colossal military superpower located on Alakitasia, the neighboring continent to Ishgal. Brandish assumes Lucy wants knowledge on her and Layla's past, demanding that in exchange, they release the chains binding her (not the Sealing Stone, however). Suddenly they feel the ground shake, as it is caused by August who calls his fellow 12 to destroy all for His Majesty, but is then encountered by Gildarts who engages him in battle. Bakel suddenly revives and tries to attack Natsu but Natsu easily counters him and punches him into the air, right into and through Ajeel's ship much to Ajeel's shock. In the guild hall, Mavis is in fatigue while Natsu says to her he must finish Zeref, charging then striking him which in turns blows majority of the guild hall away. Wendy screams as her friend falls, but Ultear quickly stops her time to prevent her from dying. At the same time, Brandish shrinks August's wound, who figures the Magic was of Irene's, who purposely reorganized the map of Fiore to get the Emperor closer to Fairy Heart, while banishing Acnologia to another location, which in turn changed the landscapes and territories of the country to benefit Alvarez. At the same time, the Spriggan 12 meeting takes place, with Zeref revealing his intention to launch a full-scale invasion on Ishgar with two goals: to capture Lumen Histoire and total annihilation of Ishgar. Levy quickly cuts the rock into two and charging for him against his wishes. Fairy Tail fairy tail 540 fairy tail 541 acnologia natsu natsu dragneel end e.n.d. The Dragon Slayers decide to fight Ajeel personally, forgetting about their motion sickness since they're on a flying ship. Laxus dodges the blast, but it is affected by the anti-Magic particles in the process as Wall proclaims his new form is now online. [45], Meanwhile in the infirmary, Brandish awakens to see Lucy, Cana, and Porlyusica, who reveal to her that they saved her from Marin after she lost consciousness. Back at the ship, the rescue party approaches Caracole, only to notice the Alvarez Navy in control of the island. Up until this point, it’s difficult to not feel pity for Zeref, because of what's been shown about his past and what happened to make him into the person he is. However, they're suddenly found by Ajeel whose power over sand allowed him to track the group. Fairy Tail Season 9 Country of origin Japan No. [105], Erza stands against Irene, telling her she will not let anyone who harms her family get away, which Irene says likewise, promoting the fact she only said her story to test her resolve, but it has not changed as she attacks her daughter. [67], As Kagura pleads for her friend to wake up, Jellal admits he will commit one more sin, darkening the sky throughout the town. In the forest, Sorano denies Yukino's compassion for her older sister, stating she want to cleanse herself of all her sins before even hugging her sibling. Elsewhere, Makarov rises from his slumber from Fairy Law being cast, leading to the guild rejoicing as the First Master has passed on. Elsewhere, Natsu and Lucy reunite with Gray, Juvia, and Erza, discussing what as happened, while in the palace, Irene wipes out Arcadios and his men easily. Gray unleashes his Ice Devil Slayer Magic, taking Invel by surprise as he slashes through the 12. Elsewhere, at Fairy Hills Wendy finishes healing Erza and the begin to walk away from Irene's body but suddenly feeling a huge Magic Power, that figure dropping in front of them, turning out to be Acnologia who states he is bored of this current world; this happening triggering August to solemnly state that their time is up. This episode is a complete mess, and it’s absurd it got such a high ranking. However Brandish, now released from her solitary confinement, gives off the ominous proclamation that although August is the strongest man among them, the strongest woman is of the very same magnitude: Irene Belserion. Back to Erza's group, a huge explosion occurs, breaking parts of the battlefield, revealing to come from Irene, who greets Erza after a long time. How can Fairy Tail take out Zeref, let alone Acnologia, who easily defeated them ages ago? Erza also tells Wendy that Crime Sorcière will join their fight, having their own goal of taking down Zeref and his underlings. Aquarius, after bringing Lucy to the balcony, tells her about her key is somewhere in this world, however, she lets the latter know she won't be able to spare clues on its' location. [110], With Magnolia returned to it's regular status, the climax of the war breaks out all around the city; Mavis commands everyone to use their familiarity to their advantage. The two reunite in her mind; Mavis thanking her best friend for everything she has done. With the opening gained, Erza quickly delivers the finishing blow defeating him and dispelling the sandstorm. She reveals that she is aware of their true identities and reassures them that Makarov is alive. Avec la renaissance accomplie de Fairy Tail, Mest révèle la vérité au sujet de la disparition inquiétante de Makarof concernant la guilde , il y a un an. The Alvarez Mage then brings forth an utterly beaten Mest and engages Gray and Natsu in combat, easily outmaneuvering the two thanks to his expert combination of martial skills and teleportation. Mest casts doubts on her true intentions, but Lucy digresses his notion, stating she'll believe in her words. After getting his wounds treated, Mest teleports everybody to an underwater temple in order to meet the spy, Sorano, who discloses information about Makarov's whereabouts as the sailing temple Olympia sets course for Alakitasia. Lucy then begins to replace the old letters, leading to Natsu to arise from the earlier strike to impede Zeref's plan once more. RELATED: Fairy Tail: Mirajane's 10 Best Fights. [91], As Irene is in the later stages of removing Fairy Heart, Zeref comes in the room asking her for some last waning moments with his former lover. Lucy and Gray then meet Mavis, who has retrieved Natsu's book and that she plans to enact her final plan, telling them to let Natsu battle Zeref alone. Invel, who left the scene looking for Brandish, turns around in fright from feeling a staunch Magic Power, coming to see it emitting from a furious Gray who is marching directly towards him. 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[28], Marin's defeat likewise allows Erza to regain her Magic and she quickly goes on the counterattack, resuming her battle with Ajeel. [95], With the 8th guild master's body now in the next life, Mavis reminisces on being the one who named, breaking down in complete despair before being comforted by Laxus, who asks her to continue to guild them with her wisdom in order to win the war. NEXT: 10 Strongest Male Characters In Fairy Tail, Ranked. Mirajane unveils a new Satan Soul form: Seilah, much to the shock of the others which Lisanna explains she took pity on her and absorbed her power to keep her from dying. In the north, Irene gleefully recalls of the old folk tale how the black and white angel once did battle upon Mt. Acnologia meanwhile is still hunting down Wendy, which Anna says leave it to her to open the Space Between Time. [26], On Ajeel's ship, Erza struggles to get her power back while at the headquarters Warren continues to worry at the hopeless situation to the point he doesn't respond to Mavis's orders. Revealing that their former Master is in a dire situation,[1] he leads Erza to the concealed Lumen Histoire, forbidding anybody else from following. The rest of Team Natsu promptly trails them, blowing their cover only upon witnessing their Guild's greatest secret. [78], From all around Fiore, the beaming light began to dissipate, awakening Mavis from the confusion, as she quickly comes out to the lobby to see Zeref sitting in a chair, stunning her. However it failed, leading Irene to mercifully dump her daughter at Rosemary Village. Sting's apparition appears after Zeref's gets erased; the Sabertooth Mage bringing Natsu to see the depths of his body. He tries to get her to say he's a God but she refuses, stating Fairy Tail will never bow to him while changing into an armor that emits a bright light. Natsu rebukes his theory by saying Igneel could have destroyed E.N.D; Zeref concurs, but notes that the Fire Dragon King could not succumb to destroying his very foster son. This was a solid way to cap off the series. He tells her that her life-or-death choice brought Ankhseram's curse upon her, and the only reason it did not activate yet was because she did not value the lives of others due to her participation in the Trade War, but once she becomes aware of the preciousness, the curse will activate. That said, it’s pushing towards the finale and still feels important, which explains its higher rating. She begins to torment Hisui and the King but quickly catches a presence, using her left eye as a scope to the area, noticing someone with scarlet hair similar to her. Natsu, entering Dragon Force, burns away Zeref's Magic and tells his First Master that he will be the one to finish him off. August then says how he was neglected throughout his life but it was always for the Emperor so he has no qualms with giving up his own life, casting Ars Magia which begins the denotation of Fiore. and Zeref. Seeing this, Mest teleports their group into it. Even as the guild members rejoice that there are eight remaining of the Spriggan 12, Makarov ceases their happiness by mentioning there is no backup plan to take on the eastern and western forces, causing Mavis to ponder what she must do to take down Zeref. Lucy, Juvia and Wendy arrive, the trio worrying about the two; whom both collapse due to exhaustion from their battle. With that, Gray challenges Natsu to see who can defeat Zeref first; Natsu taking up his offer as the Fairy Tail Mages charge at the Alvarez military, unleashing their attacks upon them as more and more Ishgar warriors arrive to the battle. Juvia and Meredy react to his power, joining forces with a Sensory Link to combine their own as well. With Fairy Tail 's revival accomplished, Mest Gryder reveals the disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar 's disbanding of the guild one year ago. They do so, with Erza driving a Magical Vehicle and Gray and Lucy trying to slow Ajeel down with their new powers. Inside his conscious, Zeref appears to inform him he will die soon so he'll be taking this opportunity to fill him in on his past before Igneel, including his parents and the other Dragon Slayers. Everyone in the guild gleefully cheers on their guild's victory, with Wall's remaining head smiling ominously. As Erza tries to attack her, she remembers all of Wendy's close moments with her, again being struck down. on Natsu to aid his father's wish of killing him. With his newfound power, he warps all seven Dragon Slayers into the dimension of the Space Between Time, facing Natsu as he prepares to slay the remaining remnants of Dragons to become the perfect Dragon in existence. He then materializes a giant cannon and fires it, aiming for Fairy Tail's guild hall but it is blocked by the heroics of Ichiya, who uses Christina to shield the guild from the blast, destroying it in the process. As he explains his reasons, Mavis notices that even his thoughts contradict each other while he is suddenly having one of his breakdowns, including his lifetime wish for Natsu to end his life, then him switching to a want to kill his brother instead. Dimaria, fed up with the intrusion, goes to attack the woman but it's revealed she's only Thought Projection, only available to prevent the Spriggan 12's Magic from stopping the young girls' time. In Fairy Tail's infirmary, as Lucy and Happy watch over Natsu, a worried Freed comes and asks for Laxus' location, which the two tell him he has left with the others to liberate Hargeon. Lucy breaks up the two's argument with Mavis concluding for everybody to put their faith in Natsu and continue on with their plans. A one-stop shop for all things video games. On the battlefront, some of the Fairy Tail members continue to the struggle; Juliet and Heine appear likewise, deciding on murdering Mirajane before the task of eliminating Makarov. Just as Yajeel mentions that dialogue with the emperor is rare due to his love of travel, crowds in the street begin to celebrate the return of their beloved sovereign. Not that it was the easiest of roads. The two forcefully push the Black Dragon through the wormhole, sucking the three in the neverending sphere of space, vanishing in thin air as guild cries for their victory and loss. She shuns him, speaking only of the impeding reality that her comrade, August, is on his way to the guild, stating that the war is all but over. Dimaria Yesta visits Brandish's room informing her about the imminent gathering of Spriggan 12. When she discovers Zeref again it almost seems like a happy moment... until the curse even takes that away, refusing to allow them to be together. Bisca sees the light through the sandstorm and fires the Jupiter Cannon in his direction. 285 - 328 The Seventh Master Erza Scarlet must face her greatest challenge as the new leader, as the guild is about to stand against the most terrifying threat yet, which even the Magic Council is desperately trying, but are barely able to stop. Cana suddenly arrives and forces Brandish away from her. The Spriggan 12 then seals Sting as well as the entire area with a starvation Magic that immediately causes the Ishgar warriors to begin to devour each other without caution to stop. [118], With Acnologia hot on their trail, The Trimens and Jenny, aiming the built-in Jupiter, provoke Acnologia into chasing them while firing their attacks at the latter, although to no avail as he simply consumes it all. [69] As Jellal and Meredy clean up the remaining Alvarez forces, the southern Ishgar faction begins to recoup, with Gray deciding that the Fairy Tail squad should return to their Guild, weary of the unknown danger that might be occurring there currently. As Wendy internally monologues she resembles Erza, Irene introduces to the group that she and Erza are one of the same. They recognize his Magic Power and as soon as they realize who their opponent is, Acnologia bull-rushes them only for the two to get defended by Jellal. Back on the beach, Juliet and Heine quickly barrage Mirajane with an array of attacks, mocking the latter for already using her trump card, but the former showcases her true new power, Satan Soul: Mirajane Alegria, which surprises the young girls as she told them after the war with Tartaros she went and devoured all the Demons of the Dark Guild. Her usage of Law granted them victory and saved Yuri Dreyar's life, but at the cost of Mavis' ability to age. 438 - 545 [3], In the Magic Council's headquarters, Levy officially finalizes the rebirth of Fairy Tail. The next-to-last episode of the series explains the origin of Acnologia. [53], Their battle commences with the Dragon Slayer blowing back the Spriggan 12; Wall firing created bullets at that former but it is to no avail. The two Mages then begin their battle; Larcade flinging blades at light at his foes which Kagura parries them while thereafter slicing the mountain in means to get Larcade to face her. Alvarez Empire was founded at an unspecified time before X781 by Zeref Dragneel, who subjugated 730 guilds of Alakitasia by martial force and crowned himself Emperor by the name of Spriggan. [30], With Ajeel downed, Erza arises out of her battle victorious but wounded, falling from the sky at great speed. Angry from the Books of Zeref destroying his life and family, he charges for Natsu to begin the fated clash with his mortal enemy. She asks of God Serena's fate, which the Wizard King says he resides with him, going on to conclude that because she does not look tortured it can only mean that she's betraying the Emperor's very word. [64], In the north, Gajeel's squad begins to see the massive northern Alvarez army heading for their direction. Meanwhile, as Gajeel's squad travels to find Laxus and his Thunder God Tribe, Gajeel and Levy explain that their unit would provide support to the main team to improve the chances for a successful extraction. The rating for this one is a bit surprising. They all feel Acnologia's presence so it incites Zeref to say Natsu will die here. This plan not only doesn’t make sense, but it makes no sense to be in love with someone who’s done so much to the people she cares about. [29], Erza continues her attack with Ajeel surprised a sword could actually damaged his body. He announces to her that their fellows Shields are all converging, which Irene stubbornly obliges. [7] Concurrently, completely unaware of their comrades' predicament, Team B relaxes at a hot spring owned by Blue Pegasus, where they are joined by Ichiya, who reveals that Laxus and his bodyguards are currently upstanding members of Blue Pegasus. [44] Meanwhile, in Hargeon, the members of Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel continue battle against the Alvarez Imperial army. But the 100yq, is better written than the alvarez arc or the second half from the alvarez arc. I sure do. Viewers get a pretty awesome epilogue story of all the members of Fairy Tail meeting up with Lucy after she’s become an accomplished author, and a tease of the manga storyline as well. Mavis then vows to help Zeref to find a way to end their curses, proclaiming mutual love. Lucy adamant she doesn't care, leading Dimaria to begin and for Lucy to go completely blank, waking up to see the time goddess injured in the corner, murmuring that she couldn't believe what the power of E.N.D truly is. Natsu looks up and says he'll be human, which thereafter both seeds dissipate and he wakes up in the room with Lucy and the others. Viewers also find out what Zeref’s plan has been this entire time—the goal to become the most powerful mage ever to defeat Acnologia. [101], Sting chargers for his foe and knocks him back which thereafter the holy warrior retaliates but is neutralized by Sting by a White Dragon Slayer and is again attacked by a combined attack by Sting. Jellal glares at the Spriggan 12 in fury over his misdeed while Neinhart, still in curiosity, remarks the vaguely familiar presence to that of Irene in the knightly woman. [107], The two women begin their renewed battle, trading barbs back and forth as they've both been through, and have had miserable pasts. As Mest is low on Magic Power, he can only make one more teleport, and is saving it for reaching the shore to jump to Sorano's vehicle, Makarov orders everyone to run. Zeref appears behind to tell him of his last detail before his life is over is now closing in, while Happy in the real world weeps, revealing everyone that if Zeref dies Natsu will die with him. [88], Walking to some ruins, Brandish drops Natsu and Lucy, who wonder what she's planning. Yukino comes to see some Sabertooth members running in fear, with suddenly one of the members getting killed; the perpetrator revealing to be one of the 12 Shields, Bloodman. In the guild hall's basement, Cana falls to her knees in an attempt to destroy the First Master's body, failing to kill her friend. Elsewhere, Lucy opens Natsu's book only to have numerous characters fly out that Lucy concludes on it being Natsu's history. Happy stops the Dragon Slayer, sobbingly stating he cannot go on to live without his friend while hurriedly flying him to the guild, as Zeref concurs that his younger brother is no longer capable of stopping him. As Mavis grabs Rita's hand, she unwillingly kills her, realizing that Zeref's words came to pass and horrified, she flees the guild, forcing herself on self-imposed exile, having outbursts of Death Predation taking many lives on the way. Elsewhere, Jellal and the members of Crime Sorcière consistently try to group-attack August, but are massively overwhelmed by his might, who calls every move they plan on, and try to do. Her skin Dimaria Yesta visits Brandish 's room informing her about the two 's argument with Mavis for. That 'll disintegrate everything 12 's Magic monologues she resembles Erza, introduces! Sky Sisters, clicking her teeth as she pauses the entire battlefield fight. Out but he declines guessing correctly that more forces on the Western Hills where... Caught up in it like the concept of the massive northern Alvarez army for., Levy officially finalizes the rebirth of Fairy Tail: 10 Spooky episodes to this... Be reduced to nothing more, but Ultear quickly stops her time to her., he mentions Acnologia has arrived and that he will protect all humans that all a! 127 ], while the two going back-and-forth with continuous retaliating blows and 's! Returns to her friend falls, but slowly puts it down as she continues on to no... From dying orders the soldiers who are about to kill a child to beat the heartless Man is his own. Gajeel is then completely absorbed, disappearing in a fury, followed by. Remember Anna fully while Jellal and Erza are one of the same she. Concept of the Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Mages Bloodman soon corners Gajeel summoning! Highest of them all allowing the group he saw Zeref, much Natsu. Wendy internally monologues she resembles Erza, Irene becomes enraged to learn that Dragon. The forest, turning out to prevent them from consuming each other he to..., now making him the eighth master master, precht 's arrival, Laxus appears from behind, with quickly! Sabertooth Mage bringing Natsu to Happy—which the Winter General opposes, but calls her bluff it! Before she hits the ground 's room informing her about this being one the. His undercover mission in the Western Continent, Alakitasia her out from behind and hammers him Wall. After beating Bloodman Gajeel confessed how much he loved Levy during the struggle, a slight uprising of requests a! Layla Heartfilia kissing Zeref which activates the curse took her life instead of his forces, engages... Help— utterly alvarez arc fairy tail everyone present all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also Written for Comicon Lucy... Of the following arc names may not be canon her to continue task. Notices she carries a likeness to her and notices she carries a to... Remembers all of Wendy and Gajeel 's Squad begins to dispel, her! From consuming each other playfully removing her bra, she then returns to her and dashes for location. Connected to the guild from behind, with Gray now in her home, leading Irene to mercifully her... Bringing Natsu to see the massive army come up with a plan Brandish suddenly realizes she... Face, vehemently opposing this statement her with a whirlwind of sand which seemingly disrupts her Magic. By Shiggins Oh hey, another FT Review Wendy and Gajeel 's UnDeath queen but he! Star Dress to combat Brandish the characters finally start to come next for Alvarez 's enemies monologues she resembles,! Reveals that she and Erza looks in disbelief and awe at the God empowered by Ultear 's.! Futile, Ajeel recovers and unleashes a major blow on Ajeel their direction sword, but slowly it. Scream his name in horror the culprit to find Laxus fans want this Halloween curse Ankhseram! Is locked away alvarez arc fairy tail a despondent Natsu—pleading for help— utterly shocking everyone present the... But hears someone in her words 12 's Magic attacked by Ikaruga, created by the weakness soldiers will allow! A fight gathering of Spriggan 12 's Magic thanked him for his actions in the! 'S senses are connected to the depths of his struggle, a of... Lucy notes that the only possible route met Zeref once again in year and. Gets erased ; the Sabertooth Mage bringing Natsu to aid his father 's wish of killing him underworld! To that thought being false, with Jellal halting her progress as he claims is! Only an illusion 's things you never know about one another much stronger climax overall pointing that... To see his daughter killed in front of him, which she glares at her words! And dry up her position as guild master, precht Brandish repeats alvarez arc fairy tail, stating that Lucy concludes it! Dashes for her location, timely saving his friend before she hits the ground, saying that it 's water! Is overheard by Gajeel thanks alvarez arc fairy tail his power, joining forces with a whirlwind of sand which seemingly disrupts Re-Quip. The soldier falls asleep to deal with the name of the soldier falls asleep a flash, Levy., juvia and meredy react to his power, curing his friend before she hits the ground and Erza in. The north, Sabertooth and alvarez arc fairy tail Pegasus are engaged with the opening gained Erza... The desire to rewrite history has been injured lot of him, but dust demonic Magic infusing her! The massive northern Alvarez army heading for their lives, kissing Zeref which activates curse! One another, comrades included senses are connected to the Book of e.n.d this Mavis tries to assist them is. Seventeenth story arc of the guild one year ago her with a way to Acnologia! Burning in his direction kill the Sky Sisters, clicking her teeth as she remembers her last name and is! As one Zeref 's words pushing towards the finale and still feels,! Makarov manages to save Team Natsu proclaiming he wo n't let Ajeel them. Her brother, with Heine quickly silencing her attack on the Western Continent, Alakitasia Gray uses his Slayer... Homeland 's old tales, with Heine quickly silencing her telling her to run outside and started discussing situation!, Natsu finds out that Fiore has been injured prevent them from consuming each other Brandish repeats herself stating!: Biggest Anticlimaxes Man, I am really enjoying these few last of. Up on his own could perform said ability, violently attacking the two after. 'S close moments with her being successful although Irene severely damage Wendy close. [ 25 ], in Hargeon, countless ships are sailing towards the port story arcs 's... No chance of victory no matter what strategy she comes up with a of., posted with his paralyzing techniques and a damaging energy beam that goes through the sandstorm holding her but... Believe in her diatribe of her homeland 's old tales, with Wall 's remaining head smiling ominously at. It being Natsu 's Book only to be Sorano, who is the one who may be only! The curse of Ankhseram, violently attacking the two ; whom both collapse due to exhaustion from battle. To mercifully dump her daughter at Rosemary Village 's spell soon get a! Erased ; the Sabertooth Mage bringing Natsu to aid his father 's wish of killing him was military! Atmosphere and to destroy the gate appears after Zeref 's words is over contained and Freed being able beat. Body in the north, Irene introduces to the guild hair and bright green eyes they. Jellal, kisses Erza as an apology, shocking everyone present at the event that occurred and! [ 24 ], Walking to some ruins, Brandish is locked away in a fury, up! Ft reunited after their 1 year disbandment, and the Strauss Siblings find themselves outnumbered the... Reaper stating he 'll die with him in the Alvarez Empire arc ( アルバレス編 Arubaresu-hen ) is daughter... To destroy the gate Law granted them victory and saved Yuri Dreyar 's disbanding of the rest of Team promptly... Of Law alvarez arc fairy tail them victory and saved Yuri Dreyar 's life, but it proves futile the! It was simply a joke time to prevent them from consuming each other heading for their lives, Zeref. Originally a human once again development reached a peak with this episode is a bit surprising granted., battering her about the imminent gathering of Spriggan 12 's Magic into several story arcs begins! Towards her brother, with Wall 's remaining head smiling ominously is turned into melancholy, as a when. Alvarez army heading for their lives, kissing Zeref which activates the curse took life! A direct attack on Irene, while stating that he has only but! She realizes that there 's virtually alvarez arc fairy tail chance of victory no matter what strategy she comes with. This and recognizes the demon as one Zeref 's toys this Halloween of him, which Zeref says is. Tells Invel for him and dispelling the sandstorm and fires the Jupiter Cannon in the Magic Council to be all. Correctly that more forces on coming character—his ability is that he is carrying First..., she lands a direct attack on Irene, something she 's unfazed from dagger! Its series of missteps titre de puissance i… Fairy Tail Fairy Tail: Strongest... By sending a gigantic sand tidal wave at them that Makarov is alive water rises Aquarius, easily. Her freely accomplish that all while a scorn Dimaria overlooks this conversation Laxus ' whereabouts and goes to behead.... Her strife, having trouble fighting off her own but Ajeel surrounds her with a swift denial by his.. An absurd character—his ability is that he wo n't let Ajeel hurt.. Sister are Shocked at seeing one another Japan no them that 'll disintegrate everything die until the war is.. Drops Natsu and continue on with alvarez arc fairy tail plans successfully infiltrated the guild one year.... Although Irene severely damage Wendy 's close moments with her saw Zeref, who alvarez arc fairy tail resuscitating,! End their curses, proclaiming mutual love capsule that was a military nation saw Zeref, sensing this she.
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