The best short courses can as well be your passport to a new business if your current business isn’t performing. Still, some of the in-demand short training courses in Kenya give you skills to start earning immediately and can give you a soft landing after losing your job. Course entry requirements-KCSE Certificate Fees: 10,000 per term Program duration: 3 months ; Kenya Utalii College, Nairobi Entry Requirements: KCSE / 'O' Level Certificate. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ada5616bcc46795c2bc329f70f5b7782" );document.getElementById("faca2cd1f4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Conveniently, you can take sales and marketing in nearly any middle level college in Kenya. Interested in studying a distance learning course? 2,000/= paid against the course selected. Toyota Raum Price In Kenya : How much should you pay in 2020? Featured Read More ... 3 months. You might subsequently become a hotcake if you add these skills to your resume. The cost of living for an average student ranges between 400 and 600 USD per month. Various digital marketing courses in Kenya curriculum gives you the foundation to launch your own digital marketing firm or get a job at one of the fast-growing local digital marketing firms. The following short courses don’t require any background or basic qualifications. Who are the Softcare diapers manufacturers in Kenya? When you pursue any of these courses, you expect to work in an NGO.NGOs are among the best paying sectors in Kenya and with a diploma in M&E you’ll pocket over Ksh80,000 per month. In addition, enrolling for one or more of the marketable short courses in Kenya can help you start a lucrative side hustle to boost your current income. You will be coming up with logos, brochures, business cards, Ads, banners, magazine design and layout among others. The World is shifting to renewable energy sources like solar as supply from traditional energy sources continues to dwindle. Taking Short courses in Kenya is a great way to improve your skills which will then make you a suitable candidate for most advertised jobs. While some certificate courses in Kenya offer students a promising career opportunity, others lack value in the labour market. Some of these fast programs take as little as 6 weeks to finish, but they normally take 3 months to 1 year to complete. Some of the online jobs Kenyans flourish in include digital marketing, article writing, academic writing, online accounting, and transcription. All New & Old Students are expected to check the KSG Courses 2020/2021 available for admission into the University. var addy44407 = 'vc' + '@'; The curriculum offers courses, research, internships and community service. //-->. It is among one of the most marketable courses … 54,000 You can take it online or from specialized institutions like the Kenya institute of professional counseling. Canada agents in Kenya [Locations and contacts], Cancer screening centers in Kenya [Contacts and locations], 10 Vaccinations required for Kenyans before jetting out, Presumptive tax meaning and complete guide, Cyber security companies in Kenya [Contacts and services], No connections? 5. The summer trimester is 3.5 months. Contents hide 1 Kenya School of Government Courses 2020/2021 | KSG Course List 2 Kenya School of Government Courses 2020/2021 Details 3 … And I should add that coding is one of the best paying certificate courses in Kenya with some coders pocketing as much as kshs.250,000 per month. There are several language short courses in Kenyatta University including Chinese so you can check their website for fees and intake information. Programming & Operation of CNC Milling Machine. 44,500 Supervisory Skills Development Supervisors, Heads of Departments and team leaders. The sector is hugely unexploited and only a few artisans are offering biometric and CCTV installations services in Kenya so you could earn handsomely. Also, take courses that match with your previous trainings.. For example, computerized accounting complements a CPA and other business courses. Some of the best short courses one can do in Kenya to succeed as an online worker are article writing training, virtual assistance training, academic writing training, and digital marketing. Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production (CEIP) - The Technical University of Kenya, Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production. addy44407 = addy44407 + 'tukenya' + '.' + 'ac' + '.' + 'ke'; Actuarial Science. This course is not so old in Kenya and the professionals in the field are few given … And so panel beating technicians are always in demand across the country. The duration of the courses vary from three days to six months. Montessori Classroom Assistant Certificate course 0-3 and 3-6 Dual Degree. Take it from me: You will be smiling all the way to the bank if you can combine video and animation (2D and 3D).. Baking is a good option if you’re searching for flexibility, a chance to make money from your natural creativity, and a very promising future. There are quite a few 3 month, 6 month and 1 year medical certificate training programs that can get help you get a job with good pay. Having a CCNA validates your foundational knowledge in network types, networking devices such as routers/switches, network troubleshooting techniques, etc. For instance, coding is among the highly demanding courses in Kenya even for fresh school leavers and may not fit you if you lack an ICT background. On the other hand, CISA can even cost you shs.100000 in some institutions. It is among one of the most marketable courses to pursue today. Part Time Courses in Kenya Universities and Colleges. ACCA. Some colleges in Nairobi offer different foreign languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Russian. Colleges Offering Airline Cabin Crew Training(Airline Cabin Crew) Capital Connect Aviation School, Nairobi Course Duration: 3 months. IT Professionals. This course is intended to equip the learner with basic management skills applicable in all areas of management. The same can be said of best short courses in social media marketing. This degree is for anyone who has ever had an interest in … Top 50 Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya January 4, 2017 Over 700 diploma courses are offered in Kenyan universities and colleges, but few are marketable due to employment dynamics in the country. Tuition Fee per Course Undergraduate – KShs 5,900.00 Postgraduate – KShs 13,000.00. International Students: Tuition Fee per Course Undergraduate – 100 Dollars per Course. : 1101631953  Haile Selassie Avenue | P. O. A certificate in counseling psychology will enable you to work as a counselor or psychologist. ACCA is also another marketable course you can enroll for after high school. This can be particularly helpful for those with CPA and ACCA. If you don’t believe me, just survey your neighborhood and find out how much welders make. In web design, you learn how to create websites like this from scratch or using content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. Overall, you could be missing out big-time if you haven’t yet joined the online workforce. You can also make money working as a private language tutor or as a freelance online translator. Of course, some of these colleges have such programs and you can always choose to study there. Marketable Courses You Should Pursue By Kibet Tobias There are courses in Kenya that will give you easy time when looking for 4 Top Universities To Study IT Courses Top Universities To Study IT Courses By Kibet Tobias Information Technology course is an excellent choice to help advance your career. You can even earn a living running a freelance advanced excel training consultancy. Internships and research are 3 to 6 credits. THREE MONTHS. Three (3) Months KES. Getting into coding (creation of computer and mobile software) is a smart way of ensuring a long, successful career. You see, the 21st century car is increasingly computerized and hence require specially trained personnel to troubleshoot. Course Duration – 3 Months; Tuition Fee – Kshs 30,000.00 or US$670 for non-Kenyans students; Course Requirements. Certificate courses available offered in Public and Private Universities and Colleges and Campuses in Kenya. For example, a short baking and pastry course can cost you shs.10000. You learn how to protect IT systems and devices from cybercrimes perpetrated online/offline. The Archives & Records Management Diploma provided by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is a On Campus Diploma that takes place in Emperor plaza, Koinange Street & Kenyatta Avenue Junction. The cost of certificate courses in Kenya varies extremely and will depend on the specific course and the institution. I am referring to degrees, diplomas, and certificates in fields such as engineering, building technology, plumbing, automation, and more. If possible, you should take a CISCO certification course alongside this course as employers tend to favor those with both. A short course is simply a course that takes minimal duration to study and is a magnificent way to acquire fresh skills or separate yourself from the competition as a job seeker. It you love taking video – even if it’s using your phone, It’s perfectly possible for you to make money as a video editor. ... 3 months. Kaiboi Technical  Training Institute Contacts, Courses, Admission letter, Location, and More, KUCCPS HELB loan :How to finance your college education 100%, KASNEB Students To Access the eLibrary For Free, Focus On Beauty Colleges In Kenya: Hair Plaza College, Kenya Technical  Trainers' College Contacts, Courses, Admissions, Location, And More. Advanced Excel has always ranked among the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya since Excel is a headache to most computer users. There are many business opportunities in Kenya for youth that require less education. A good certification is CISA (Certified information systems auditor) and CEH (certified ethical hacker). The curriculum also contains countless examples demonstrating how to apply learnt skills in practical situations. The course is especially great for those with a firm background in ICT. The following are considered evergreen since they hardly lack opportunities.. No company –big or small- can survive without sales making sales professionals highly marketable. You can easily confirm this by checking recent business-related job advertisements in Kenya. These are the two most marketable courses in Kenya for statisticians and data scientists. You can even go a notch up and use your video editing talent to open and run a YouTube channel where you cover anything…. Short courses in accounting packages, digital marketing, and academic writing can be incredibly low-priced and will set you back as little as shs.3000 on average. Your trusted source of information for courses offered by Universities and Colleges in Kenya. • There will be Three (3) sessions per calendar years. Here you’re spoilt for choice and you can attend government institutions like the Kenya technical training college or private colleges in Kenya such as Shang Tao Media Arts College (Animation/Video). ACADEMICCOURSES connects students with educators providing courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more. I know of several people who pursued this course and ended … In any case, many employers in the data research industry and NGOs won’t touch you even with a ten-foot pole if you lack SPSS knowledge. The welder, panel beater, or mechanic in your town can train you on apprenticeship basis after which you book for the NITA exam at a technical college near you. Your market is businesses (many Kenyan firms lack websites), celebrities, and private personalities. Therefore, you must choose a course strategically because it will go a long way in strengthening your prospects of getting a job upon graduation. Here now are some of the most marketable short courses in Kenya within the ICT field. It’s a must-have if you dream of working as a Network support Engineer, System administrator, Network Security Associate, and even Tech support staff. Programming involves creating logical solutions to daily societal problems and can be a fantastic choice if you have a creative brain. A certificate in sales and marketing can also be an amazing inclusion in your CV when hunting for other jobs. Below is a selection of the available study options. It was pretty smooth when it came to studying. However, programming and cyber security courses are best taught at some of the leading colleges in Nairobi like the award-winning Moringa School and  Computer Pride. You can even choose to sell your online selling skills internationally through freelancing websites such as UpWork and Fiverr. Again, everywhere you turn, you will notice home solar power projects going on. Minimum of KIM Diploma or its equivalent plus 2 years’ work experience. A+ Certification. Jobs are aplenty since very few Kenyans have cyber security qualifications. Away from the above, there are openings in the agricultural value chain if you don’t mind working with farmers. If aren’t yet convinced, just scan local newspapers and note the number of certificate jobs in Kenya requiring a sales qualification…. I will also explain who the course is ideal for. Sixty (60) hours KES. The Kenyan beauty industry is worth billions of shillings hence there is money and opportunity. Remember that Kenya is considered a leading global player when it comes to ICT because of inventions such as MPESA. Kenya School of Government Complete List of Courses for 2020/2021 are published for both short and long programmes. wikitionary254 is your home of informative blog posts, how-to articles, business ideas, inspiration, general tips, and more. Below is a list of accredited undergraduate courses offered at Kenyatta University as per the Commission for University Education of Kenya. Duration: 3 Months Tuition fees: KES 6,000 (Per month) Course Outline:-Introduction to Programming & Visual Basic-Visual Basic C-Visual Basic 6.0 2. Cost of certificate courses in Kenya. var suffix = ''; Car sales in Kenya have been on an upward trajectory for the last decade and are not expected to slow down anytime soon. If in Nairobi, you can visit the Kenya polytechnic (Technical university). They will develop Heat Treatment skills and select process parameters independently, Holder of a Certificate in Milling/Turning, COURSE OBJECTIVE: At the end of this course participants will be able to work in entry level employment in a foundry shop and start at fresher level in mould preparation, casting and finishing of casting, Certificate in Motor Rewinding Technology, COURSE OBJECTIVE: At the end of this course participants will be able to learn to rewind single Phase, three Phase and universal motors, Holder of a Certificate/Diploma in Engineering, Certificate in Industrial Electronics Technology, COURSE OBJECTIVE: At the end of this course participants will be able to interpret and control industrial processes, Certificate in Vehicle Diagnosis Technology, COURSE OBJECTIVE: At the end of this course participants will be able to interpret technical information on vehicle performance, identify/locate a fault by means of diagnosis kit, Holder of a Certificate/Diploma in Automotive Engineering, Applications should be made to: The Director, Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production, Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology, P. O. And from the look of things, demand for electrical fence technicians spreads even to our neighbors Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Thika College of Banking and Accountancy Nairobi Campus. Check all the details of this 24 months Diploma. Here is a list of the short courses in Kenya you can pursue. Being an emergency medical technician is a mentally and physically demanding job that requires empathy and compassion. 15,000 Strategic Management & Leadership Community service is not credit bearing. You can also include under-estimated but well-paying courses such as Mobile phone technician and professional photography to the above list of the best short courses in Kenya. Level 2 Duration: 3 Months Tuition fees: KES 6,000 (Per month) Course Outline:-C++-Java-MySQL-Visual Basic .NET; Webbs Institute, Nairobi Course … 54,000. View all 1 Online Masters's programmes at universities in Kenya. Based on statistics obtained from colleges and universities in Kenya, below is a list of trending short courses in Kenya as of 2019: Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) is offered by KASNEB.This is a course favourite to form four leavers who want to pursue CPA but did not obtain required grades for the course. In both, you ought to be an amazing communicator besides oozing creativity and intuition. Notably, the government has enacted a rule that requires landlords to install Solar PV (Photovoltaic) heating systems further enhancing the market. You need JavaScript enabled to view it