Killing and looting these mobs gives you an item called Darkened Scrap of Vellum.You need 50 of these items to make a scroll.Small mobs circles around the crystal in the middle.Bigger mobs are on several locations.Start by killing the small adds that patrol so you dont pull to many when killing the big mobs.After creating the scroll head to the question mark on minimap, you need to fly up on a disc.Talk to Chromie to summon the mini boss.Kill the mini boss and travel to Dragonblight and talk to Chromie.A new portal opens up: Mount Hyal. Chromie was reviewing some aberrations in the timeways when she discovers that she will die in the near future.. She needs your help to finds out why, who and how.. 1) Start by taking the first quest from Khadgar, in Dalaran (Broken Shore), in Violet Hold. our main objective here is farm Reputation, it absolutelly can't be done without chromie talents wich allow you to drop the itens wich skip phases from the timelines and also her healing and damage reduction buff, they're essentials for your sucess here(It actually can, but well, not for most of us). FortuitousYour chance to find Sands of Time is increased by 100%. Go to Andorhal. 2021 This is the final quest.You need to finish are 8 attacks (4 Dragonshrine and 4 portals) in 15 minutes.You can do this quest after you completed the Dragonshrine locations. Allied races start at level 10 now. This guide covers following: - Walkthrough and which order to take portals/Dragonshrines. All Dragonshrines in Dragonblight will always have only one up each run, plus at least another one per Portal. Throughout the Shadowlands testing cycle, Warlords bonus objectives have provided strong sources of experience, making it the best expansion to level through with Chromie Time. The mobs are easy to kill except for the big ones. Now we need to find out more details and stop the attack. Blizzard has now nerfed the experience provided by WoD bonus objectives. Travel to Nishera and Chromie will start summoning a NPC. When you lose as Chromie, you know exactly why: 'because I missed my skill shots'. The best expansion in terms of speed is Warlords of Draenor or Legion based on beta tests, even with the recent nerfs to Warlords of Draenor bonus objective nerfs. Definitely do not attempt this before researching Chromie's tier 5: It is definitely more efficient to farm this with all talents researched regardless, as this makes the initial clearing a lot faster. Continous KeepsakesYou have a greater chance to earn a Keepsake Box from Sand of Time. Use a Nightmare catcher near each tree and kill the 2 mobs attacking a tree. [CDATA[ This drake will instantly clear a Dragonshrine for you. Culling of Stratholme - Bonus Objective Reward Previous; Next; Quick Info. Added in Patch 6.0.2 (Build #18838) Level: 80; Required Level: 80; Scales to Level: 120; Not sharable; Link in Bonus: Movement and mounted speed increased by 5%. Chromie can freeze an enemy and all enemies within 5 yards of them for 3 sec. Each group has one bigger and stronger mob.Killing and looting the bigger mob gives you an item called Soul Crystal Fragment.You need 3 Soul Crystal Fragments to make a Soul Crystal, meaning, you need to kill all 3 big adds in each group.Make a Soul Crystal and use it. Go to the big tree entrance and talk to Chromie, she will summon a mini boss. Teleport back. If you dont get the item that makes you pass the queschain, there is a fast way to complete this anyway. This week we are feature Chromie who recently was classified as a Ranged Assassin in the new Blizzard Roles system.Chromie received another major rework in the March 2019 Caldeum Complex Event Patch, and then additional tweaks from the balance patch three weeks later. Lord Itharius speaks about ancients being unable to rest at the Emerald Dragonshrine. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Attacks from instances: The Well of Eternity just run it from the end to the entrance and slay Grolethax; Mount Hyjal - get close to Chromie's body and slay few waves of mobs. NiceYear2007-1520 18 May 2019 06:05 #11. chromie needs to be deleted. If you are looking for a specific bonus objective, it will not be available until the world quest changes to that specific one. In this location, there are 3 groups of mobs. Keepsakes boxes contain powerful items that significantly reduce difficulty of Chronoportal challenges.
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