Like most of Spain’s beaches, Sopelana is another great surf spot that is suitable for all levels of surfing all year round. Like most of Spain’s beaches, Sopelana is another great surf spot that is suitable for all levels of surfing all year round. Surf camp Spain Holidays in the sunniest region in all of Europe! We're Tom and Anna, the two travellers behind this travel blog, Adventure in You. Get directions. Surfing in Southern France was written with the help of a French local surfer with over 30 years of experience surfing in southern France. Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with big and medium swell from W and NW and off-shore E wind. 08:03 13 Oct 19. Surfing lessons, camps and school in Cadiz, Tarifa, Andalusia Spain | Surfing lessons for beginners and more advanced surfers from us! Best Time to Go: Between September to April, with N and NW swell and S/SE winds. Located close to Razo beach, Nemiña is remote and quiet for most of the year, known more as a picturesque spot to watch the surf. The best surf spots in southern Spain Andalusia are located directly at Conil, El Palmar and our surf accommodation. My surfing may still be average but the experience wasn’t. Located close to the village of Loredo, you can make use of all the smaller beaches around this area too. Both Cádiz in southern Spain and the Basque Country in northern Spain are considered the best places for surfing and they have facilities for both beginners and old hands. Adventure in You Pte LTD. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Les landes (France) or Galicia (Northwest Spain) is the advice this month. Where to go in July? 1. The South West- Andalucia The surf in Andalucia begins on the long stretches of sandy beach in the province of Cadiz. Nemiña is a perfect spot for experiencing the awesome swell that parts of Spain get the entire year round. With an average of 25 sunny days per month, you can easily learn how to surf and enjoy mild temperatures the whole year round. Being a favorite local spot and known for difficult surf, this beach will be crowded so get there early or stay close by at the town of Villaviciosa. The best surfing area of ​​the beach is near the pier. Dedicate some days to surfing and chilling — you can thank me later. Sopelana, Biscay, Spain. In the summer there is little chance to surf. If you feel confident to take on the challenge, prepare yourself for hazards such as razor-sharp rocks, very strong rips, two-wave hold downs, and potentially broken boards or worse, broken bones! Even in the winter this region has very pleasant outside temperatures (around 17 to 18 degrees Celcius on an average). Here you can feel free to train at your own pace and level to pay more attention to the inside of your heart. There are many west-facing beach breaks and river mouths that can be taken on by all kinds of surfers. Countless bays. This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. Want to learn how to travel forever? Swell after swell lights up the coast and Mundaka wakes from here summer slumber. Shadow of... Surfing in Cantabria, Northern Spain. The stretch of beach and constant waves are set against a stunning backdrop, with camping sites and a surf school nearby. One of the best beaches in south of Spain for kite surfing Playa El Palmar, Cadiz Considered one of the most virgin areas of the province of Cadiz, Playa El Palmar is one of the best beaches to visit in Spain. Sitting in the plane back, moments of the past week flash by. Top rated Surfcamp in Andalucia, Spain. Sopelana. See the surf possibilities in Northern Spain. Crackling, but also crystal clear water. Surf camp Spain in Andalusia. The Beautiful landscape. As with the rest of Europe, the surf season in Spain runs from Autumn through Spring. The surf in Andalucia is mainly centred on the coastline of ¨La Janda¨ in the province of Cadiz. Best places in northern Spain: San Sebastian Александр К. Spain is one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe with great waves all-year round, perfect for all levels of surfers. Camino Surfcamp Andalucia . An impressive 12ft barreling left wave that never sections or closes out. And he said yes, trés cool! We took the 24hour ferry from Portsmouth to Santandar Spain Then spent a week in Spain, before driving to the pyrenees Mountains located in France. There is no wonder why it is the number one location for Europeans to holiday! Jerez de la Frontera. This coast faces into the turbulent Bay of Biscay, catching and holding all the swell which propagates down from the active North Atlantic.