[63] During a meeting with Polish Ambassador Józef Lipski on May 22, 1935, Hitler told Lipski that Schleicher was "rightfully murdered, if only because he had sought to maintain the Rapallo Treaty. Night of the long knives. [56] Germany's legal establishment further capitulated to the regime when the country's leading legal scholar, Carl Schmitt, wrote an article defending Hitler's July 13 speech. Blomberg, who had been meeting with the president, uncharacteristically reproached Hitler for not having moved against Röhm earlier. ", Coincidentally, Hitler had been incarcerated at. [9], Hitler's move would be to strengthen his position with the army by moving against its nemesis, the SA. Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young. They are hugely successful, having sold in excess of 150 million albums worldwide, with Back in Black ranking as the fifth highest-selling album of all time in the US. In his speech to the Reichstag on July 13 justifying his actions, Hitler denounced Schleicher for conspiring with Ernst Röhm to overthrow the government; Hitler alleged both were traitors working in the pay of France. The Night of the Long Knives was a turning point for the German government. Hitler ordered him, as one prominent historian described it, to put an end to "homosexuality, debauchery, drunkenness, and high living" in the SA. Some estimates, however, put the total number killed at between 150 and 200. [78], The Night of the Long Knives represented a triumph for Hitler, and a turning point for the German government. [21] Although Schleicher was in fact unimportant by 1934, increasingly wild rumours that he was scheming with Röhm to reenter the corridors of power helped stoke the sense of crisis. Night of the long knives. In Röhm's view, President Hindenburg's appointment of Hitler as Chancellor on January 30, 1933, had brought the Nazi Party to power, but had left unfulfilled the party's larger goals. It was named "The Führer Upholds the Law. Nazi … Download Pdf. The destiny of our country is at stake. [m] Years later, in November 1945, while being interviewed by psychologist Gustave Gilbert in his cell during the Nuremberg trials, Göring angrily justified the killings to Gilbert, "It's a damn good thing I wiped them out, or they would have wiped us out!" Hitler announced to those present that the SA would act as an auxiliary to the Reichswehr, not the other way around. [k] Signed into law by Hitler, Gürtner, and Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick, the "Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defence" retroactively legalized the murders committed during the purge. [42], The regime did not limit itself to a purge of the SA. [g] Many stormtroopers believed in the socialist promise of National Socialism and expected the Nazi regime to take more radical economic action, such as breaking up the vast landed estates of the aristocracy. Göring instructed police stations to burn "all documents concerning the action of the past two days. From the Album The Complete Collection November 23, 1981 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. At least 85 people died during the purge, although the final death toll may have been in the hundreds,[b][c][d] with high estimates running from 700 to 1,000. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to Amazon.com (US). [43] The Gestapo also murdered Erich Klausener, the leader of Catholic Action, and a close Papen associate. [46][42] As Himmler's adjutant Karl Wolff later explained, friendship and personal loyalty were not allowed to stand in the way: Among others, a charming fellow [named] Karl von Spreti, Röhm's personal adjutant. This would not prove to be simple, however, as the SA made up a large part of Nazism's most devoted followers. Home » Artists » AC/DC » Night of the Long Knives. AC-DC » For Those About To Rock » Night of the Long Knives Night of the long knives – AC/DC Night of the long knives ( La notte dei lunghi coltelli ) è la traccia numero nove del settimo album degli AC/DC , For those about to Rock We salute you, pubblicato il 23 novembre del 1981. AC/DC. Filesize: 28.6 kb. This process is automatic. Call of a dog, cry of a bitch Cream of a dream. [10] On July 6, 1933, at a gathering of high-ranking Nazi officials, Hitler declared the success of the National Socialist, or Nazi, seizure of power. Night of the long knives Night of the long, long knife Stab him in the back once! The widows of the murdered SA leaders received between 1,000 and 1,600 marks a month, depending on the rank of the murdered person. Until then, Lippert had been one of the few executioners of the purge to evade trial. Instruments: rhythm guitar, lead guitar and bass. "[57][58], A special fund administered by SS General Franz Breithaupt was set up for the relatives of the murdered, from which they were cared for at state cost. [79], Purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934, Papen, nonetheless, remained in his position although people quite close to him were murdered, including, "At least eighty-five people are known to have been summarily killed without any formal legal proceedings being taken against them. Tuning: E A D G B E. File format: ptb. Conservatives in the army, industry, and politics placed Hitler under increasing pressure to reduce the influence of the SA and to move against Röhm. ", "The most general theory—that National Socialism was a revolution of the lower middle class—is defensible but inadequate. [46] Then, on July 13, 1934, Hitler justified the purge in a nationally broadcast speech to the Reichstag: If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to the regular courts of justice, then all I can say is this. View interactive tab. Deprived of Communist party meetings to disrupt, the stormtroopers would sometimes run riot in the streets after a night of drinking; they would attack passers-by and then attack the police who were called to stop them. The phrase "Night of the Long Knives" in the German language predates the killings and refers generally to acts of vengeance. Author Voytazz [a] 567. Night Of The Long Knives AC/DC Lyric. innerflame on January 05, 2005 Link No Replies Log in to reply Hitler told the gathered officials, "The stream of revolution has been undammed, but it must be channelled into the secure bed of evolution. Who's your friend and who's your foe? Night Of The Long Knives power tab by AC/DC. "[36] Having heard nothing in the allotted time, they returned to Röhm's cell at 14:50 to find him standing, with his bare chest puffed out in a gesture of defiance. He also wanted to appease leaders of the Reichswehr, the German military, who feared and despised the SA as a potential rival, in particular because of Röhm's ambition to merge the army and the SA under his own leadership. Difficulty: novice. Watch the video for Night of the Long Knives from AC/DC's For Those About To Rock for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. "[74], Hitler named Viktor Lutze to replace Röhm as head of the SA. President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor on January 30, 1933. The undersigned Generals and senior officers swear to preserve to the last breath their loyalty to you and the Fatherland. This included Vice-Chancellor Papen and those in his immediate circle. After Hitler and most of the army officers had left, however, Röhm declared that he would not take instructions from "the ridiculous corporal" – a demeaning reference to Hitler. [69] The request that Neurath be replaced by Nadolny, the former Ambassador to the USSR, who had resigned earlier that year in protest against Hitler's anti-Soviet foreign policy, indicated that Hammerstein and Mackensen wanted a return to the "distant friendliness" towards the Soviet Union that existed until 1933. With the army limited by the Treaty of Versailles to one hundred thousand soldiers, its leaders watched anxiously as membership in the SA surpassed three million men by the beginning of 1934. As a result, a political struggle within the party grew, with those closest to Hitler, including Prussian premier Hermann Göring, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, and Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess, positioning themselves against Röhm. [40] There in the prison courtyard, the Leibstandarte firing squad shot five SA generals and an SA colonel. And let it be known for all time to come that if anyone raises his hand to strike the State, then certain death is his lot. Who's that fightin' back to back? One accurate version. Upon returning to Berlin, Goebbels telephoned Göring at 10:00 with the codeword Kolibri to let loose the execution squads on the rest of their unsuspecting victims. [29] Hitler had hesitated for months in moving against Röhm, in part due to Röhm's visibility as the leader of a national militia with millions of members. [7], Hitler's appointment as chancellor, followed by the suppression of all political parties except the Nazis, did not end the violence of the stormtroopers. The murdered included at least one accidental victim: Willi Schmid, the music critic of the Münchner Neuste Nachrichten newspaper. ", "The names of eighty-five victims [exist], only fifty of them SA men. [22] Brüning fled to the Netherlands while Schleicher dismissed the tip-off as a bad practical joke. Hitler told the crowd that "undisciplined and disobedient characters and asocial or diseased elements" would be annihilated. Night Of The Long Knives lyrics. On June 25, General Werner von Fritsch placed the Reichswehr on the highest level of alert. The army almost unanimously applauded the Night of the Long Knives, even though the generals Kurt von Schleicher and Ferdinand von Bredow were among the victims. Chancellor Adolf Hitler, urged on by Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, ordered a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate his power and alleviate the concerns of the German military about the role of Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung, the Nazis' paramilitary organization. Others were appalled at the scale of the executions and at the relative complacency of many of their fellow Germans. You don’t know. The loyalty of the SS men would prove useful to both when Hitler finally chose to move against Röhm and the SA. Many of those killed in the purge were leaders of the SA, the best-known being Röhm himself, the SA's chief of staff and one of Hitler's longtime supporters and allies. Hitler had made it clear that he was the supreme ruler of Germany who had the right to be judge and jury, and had the power to decide whether people lived or died. Night of the long Long knife. [70] It is noteworthy that even those officers who were most offended by the killings, like Hammerstein and Mackensen, did not blame the purge on Hitler, whom they wanted to see continue as Chancellor, and at most wanted a reorganization of the Cabinet to remove some of Hitler's more radical followers. Who your man? C.O.D. He took seriously the socialist promise of National Socialism and demanded that Hitler and the other party leaders initiate wide-ranging socialist reform in Germany. The Night of the Long Knives, or the Röhm Purge, also called Operation Hummingbird, was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934. While all of these men were veterans of the Nazi movement, only Röhm continued to demonstrate his independence from, rather than his loyalty to, Adolf Hitler. While Nazism was not exclusively – or even primarily – a working class phenomenon, the SA fulfilled the yearning of many unemployed workers for class solidarity and nationalist fervour. [5] The violent confrontations between the two contributed to the destabilization of Germany's inter-war experiment with democracy, the Weimar Republic. Lyrics Artists: A AC/DC Night Of The Long Knives. The Freikorps were nationalistic organizations primarily composed of disaffected, disenchanted, and angry German combat veterans founded by the government in January 1919 to deal with the threat of a Communist revolution when it appeared that there was a lack of loyal troops. During a trip to Warsaw in January 1935, Göring told Jan Szembek that Schleicher had urged Hitler in January 1933 to reach an understanding with France and the Soviet Union, and partition Poland with the latter, and Hitler had Schleicher killed out of disgust with the alleged advice. Röhm's contempt for the party's bureaucracy angered Hess. Night of the long knives Stick 'em in the back woods Se você conhece o(s) compositor(es) dessa música colabore com nossa comunidade eviando as informações agora mesmo! Chancellor Adolf Hitler, urged on by Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, ordered a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate his power and alleviate the concerns of the German military about the role of Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Nazis' paramilitary organization. To a lesser extent, the Sturmabteilung (SA), a Nazi paramilitary organization, remained somewhat autonomous within the party. No one in the SA spoke more loudly for "a continuation of the German revolution" (as one prominent stormtrooper, Edmund Heines, put it) than Röhm himself. As chancellor, Hitler did not command the army, which remained under the formal leadership of Hindenburg, a highly respected veteran field marshal. It did not escape Klemperer's notice that many of the victims had played a role in bringing Hitler to power. Listen Now Buy song $1.29. [76], According to Speer, "the Right, represented by the President, the Minister of Justice, and the generals, lined up behind Hitler ... the strong left wing of the party, represented chiefly by the SA, was eliminated. In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people. Follow @genius Hitler's desire to consolidate his power and settle old scores, Desire of Ernst Röhm and the SA to continue "the National Socialist revolution" versus Hitler's need for relative social stability so that the economy could be refocused to rearmament and the German people acclimated to the need for expansion and war, Hitler's need to bring the Reichswehr under his control, Significant reduction in the regime's opposition, Strengthening of relationship between Hitler and the military, Wiskemann, Elizabeth. Centuries of jurisprudence proscribing extrajudicial killings were swept aside. Last edit on Feb 26, 2014. [62] General von Reichenau went so far as to publicly give credence to the lie that Schleicher had been plotting to overthrow the government. [22], Demands for Hitler to constrain the SA strengthened. //
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