Also so think the only way to legitimately be better at using BB is to practice and understand the skill nature and how to position yourself properly. then why shouldn't they be able to mob like a beast. they are not comparable to a knight which specifically only mobs. So, today i have a question, is there an official way to avoid Gutter Lines? Tree of Savior: Zereges (Falconeer-Mergen-Ranger) Ragnarok break now. Keep the nerf, Still not a single argument for reverting a small nerf on the most OP skill of the game in its current state but nonsense about Gravity, gutter lines not being a problem, and whataboutism. Detailed Information on Sphinx Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details. Literally every class that mobs and wants to kill >3 enemies at once alone has to use potions or some other form of sustain. As a player, who has been maining knights for quite a while now, I have to agree with Charlie here. Charlie Loves U, June 12, 2018 in Processed. and even then you still need pots. This is not the case. Mobbing alone feels like shit because I have no gear, that's why I party up instead. they should be the best by a wide margin since that is their strength. Knights are built to mob. With the gutterline removal we had a good excuse to look at the skill again. and neither do strawberry raffles. They were only broken on restart because there were no concerns about spending on pots (neither sp nor HP). Disabled changing of Guildmaster when WOE is active. Instead, we just get a nerf. and they should mob better than any other class by a mile since thats what they do. thats the point. Thats just...pitiful. Its been hard, 80% of the time that i die is becaues of it, if anyone has a solution. Endure, increase hp recovery, etc. Guildmaster changing has a cooldown of 24hrs. Knights are good at mobbing because of Endure, their high hp pool and potion efficiency. lots of arguments being made, you guys just ignoring them. If they become "OP" then we can look into them again, but right now I feel like they are pretty weak and the nerf was too pre-emptive. Some abilities individually will always look broken. they basically don't do anything else but mob. bowling bash; gutter; gutterlines; lines; gramps; weekly; quest; downloads; custom maps; custom; map; grf; By Laharyl, April 21, 2017 in NovaRO Discussion. First time trying BB x_x. Saders dominate the maps they should (demon/undead/shadow). As Lumen said on my stream they have no defensive tools. Hard to call it a "bug abuse" when nothing in game officially says Bowling Bash is only supposed to work on certain cells, nor is there any official in-game way to tell which cells are gutter lines, outside of having /where hot keyed until you eventually memorize gutter lines for that map. You currently have javascript disabled. Choose a convenient party package or let our event planners design the perfect birthday party, complete with unlimited bowling, arcade games, kid-friendly menus, and fun features like bowling bumpers (no gutter balls ever!) Gutter lines were a fix to a problem that hasn't existed in RO for years and were an unnecessary hindrance to "new" Bowling Bash, so removing them is a quality of life improvement, rather than a buff to the skill. One of the most annoying things of playing a Bowling Bash Knight are these pesky areas where the skill is bugged and doesn’t work properly. Knights don't have any other form of good dps besides Bowling Bash. WOE boxes don't exist. and some other page I found pointed out that Herc "fixed" that bug. Share Followers 0. It's just that most classes don't even bother doing that right now. of course a knight is better at mobbing that an assassin. I vividly remember playing euRO 14 years ago and nearly every single Knight I saw was a spear build that used Brandish. Gutter lines were a bug in the code and a problem for the gameplay, it has been fixed and it's a QoL improvement. And I don't know why you think getting some agi will help you getting hit less. Would they be actually bannable realistically speaking? Grey world is not supported and even a ban offense. I have used it a bit and I miss a lot too. Bowling Bash is balanced by a knight's limited sp pool and regeneration and the scarcity of sp items. nothing else. If you actually deal proper damage on that location when you are mobbing, use that SAME spot to mob. edit: eathena link points out that 2-hits 1 cell knockback BB is a bug, and was never intended to work that way. the entire kit is balanced around it being good. I just don't understand the comparison to classes like sin/agi sader who have high flee. Youtube demo. Agi Knight isn't even bad, it's similar to spear sader except you have an AoE skill too instead of a pure single target. Bowling Bash Gutter Line are back after rA Synced By Amonkhet, December 15, 2020. Just the other day someone posted in main chat "is bowling bash nerfed?" bowling bash is not intended to hit 2 times, that is why it has such high damage Hard to call it a "bug abuse" when nothing in game officially says Bowling Bash is only supposed to work on certain cells, nor is there any official in-game way to tell which cells are gutter lines, outside of having /where hot keyed until you eventually memorize gutter lines for that map. By Our bowling parties for kids are fun and easy to plan! You can't look at abilities in a vacuum imo. which we already know dude. Brandish Spear is ok, but it was never comparable to BB. it's not that knights completely lost their identity with the nerf, its that you are nerfing them on a basis that has poor logic. and you can't spam and be super effiicient without full high end gear basically. Strikes a single target with a smashing blow twice, where each strike will inflict physical damageindividually to all enemies within the area of effect and push them backwards. Now BB still does ton of damages and needs a nerf. If you are going to nerf its damage, then reduce the sp consumption by a corresponding amount to compensate. I've also talked to people playing knight in my guild and they notice the nerf too. all it did was mean we had to move a few cells sometimes with our mob or fly wing when we got hit locked on a gutter line. SimpleROHook is a third party program created to extend the functionality of the game's client. If a knight can get raydric, a high refine two handed sword that is actually good. We don't want a knight-only WoE where other classes are bullied by peco-fast F1-spammers that deal sustained highest physical melee AoE DPS with no drawbacks. Off topic: LMAO, at first I read the title as "Bowling: Gutter lines", so I expected this to be about the gutters at the side during bowling =p. Logged Player of Phoenix Fury, Pestilence & Ekirei. look at the coordinates under the mini-map. Cons: Ignition break has a very high pre-req to get, you won’t get max Ignition Break until a minimum of job 23. It's way cheaper to just go from 1 mob to another to kill them, which you can also do on a Knight if you build for it. I propose that we just revert the bowling bash nerf and see how Knights do. Leaving the skill as it should be is, in my opinion, the smarter choice. I was disappointed in this nerf before I joined any guild, so there goes that. Holy Cross for one is situationally way more dps than bowling bash on the right target (weak to holy obv) and does stupid damage single target. I am also on the opinion that this "fix" is unnecessary, and there is no valid reasoning behind it. Knights are going to take damage and sacrfice health. The best way i now is just to walk diagonally, 3 cells? The grid is present on every cell that is divisible by 40 on the X and Y coordinates (type in /where) and the five adjecent cells to those. I don't agree that's their entire identity, but you can mob well like you said. Is it an "ulterior motive? (can attest to this myself as in beta I put int on my knight, ran magni and still was almost perma oom without ED) And the only way a knight is gonna be able to spam BB is with high end gear and earth deleter. there is. Sep 22, 2019 - Explore Pat Sphar's board "Misc." the argument you've made against knights is that they mob and have better aoe/sp efficiency than any other class.

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